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Our Lady of the Lake Administration Commission Minutes, July 21, 2022

Our Lady of the Lake

Administration Commission Minutes July 21, 2022

Attendees:  Rev. Father Penn, Robert Cotter, John Riley, Brian Hamrin, Tom Ziegler, Charles Cassmeyer, Robert Adams. Excused were Laura Nelson, Lue Graessle, Larry Buschjost and Eric Brauman.

Prayer: Rev. Father Penn opened the meeting with a prayer.

Minutes:  May 19, 2022 meeting Minutes were approved with an addition.


Long Range Plan – The architect is behind schedule, no date given for data submittal.  Father suggested that he meet with Long Range Plan group to get up-dated on our previous efforts.  Bob Cotter will arrange the meeting.

Resealing Parking Lot – Mainstreet completed the job and everyone was satisfied.

Maintenance – Roof leak over the fellowship hall kitchen has been repaired and kitchen wall has been repaired.

Irrigation:  It was suggested that John manually turn on the irrigation system at church and classroom areas to ensure that all sprinkler heads are working.  Times should be increase for the sprinkler zones where the grass is turning brown.

Human Resources – No report

Door on streaming room – The security lock on the door was installed by Tom

Transition report for the rectory – A video was taken by Luke with Father Medina.  Tom Ziegler will contact Susan Spica to do a walk through with Father Penn.

Rectory window Treatment – The shutters have been paid for and Tom indicated that the shutters were in and a contact will be made with Father for a time to do the installation.

Capital Expense – Funding for the retaining wall on the south-side along with new steps was included in this year’s budget

Stain Glass – A report of the stained glass has. been received and further evaluation is required to determine what the recommendations are.  The estimated cost shown was $85,000.00.

IT – Brian continues to work with the teachers to provide for their PSR needs. It was recommended that we delete Father Medina email.


Capital Campaign – A decree has been received from the Diocese regarding capital campaigns and Fund raisers.  Under the stewardship guidelines there would be an assessment against the collected funds, however the Pastor may request that the Parish be given a 5-year moratorium.  Fund raisers will be limited to once a year.

Office Door – Father explained that new guidelines issued by Diocese requires a window in the Pastors office door.  (Bob who has the action here)

Meeting Time:  It was suggested and concurred that meetings in the future will start at 6:00 pm.  This time is more compatible with work schedules.  The next meeting is scheduled for August 18, 2022 at 6:00 pm in the Church Library.

Closing Prayer:  Rev. Father Penn offered a closing prayer

Submitted by: Charles Cassmeyer