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Our Lady of the Lake Administration Commission Minutes, July 25, 2023

Our Lady of the Lake

Minutes of the Administration Commission Meeting

July 25, 2023

The meeting was opened with a prayer. Attendees includedBob Cotter, Luke Graessle, John Riley, Brian Hamrin, Robert Adams and Tom Ziegler.  Susan Spica and Eric Brauman were not present.

The meeting minutes for May, 2023 were reviewed and approved.  

Old Business:

1. Long-Range Planning Committee Update:  No update.

2. Update on Rectory Roof Replacement – The roof has not yet been replaced.  However, the contractor has been selected and it will be done when they get to it.

3. Stained glass window report:  Fr. Penn has provided another contractor, Carr & Co., that does this work and Bob will contact them.  The contractor who has provided the best cost of $94K is available to seal the windows and provide another glass covering.  The Finance Committee has approved $90K for the work.

4. Status of glass in doors to comply with Virtus: All of the doors now have windows.  This project is complete.  Thanks to Tom Z. for doing this work.

5. South Outside Stairs:  We estimate that we can replace the set of stairs from the parking lot and fix the problems with the upper stairs for $8,175.  $9,000 was budgeted for this work.  This work will be pursued.

6. Door Openers for Handicapped Access:  Adding door openers to the doors from the parking lot may be problematic.  The key fob doors would have to be disabled for the openers to work.  If they are locked and someone activated a remote door opener the motor would try to open locked doors.  To make it work, every time the doors are locked the remote openers would have to be disabled and every time the doors are unlocked the remote openers would have to be turned on.  Discussion included when the doors are unlocked for church there is normally someone at the door and lots of people entering who help people in need and when the doors are locked and someone needs to get into the church there is an intercom into the office and someone can ask for assistance.

New Business:

Bob discussed the need to install new members to the Administration Commission in August.

• Bob Cotter said he will complete his service with the commission in August.

• Robert Adams said he complete his service with the commission in August.

• Tom said he will stay on the commission through his 18 month assignment to represent the Administration Commission on the Parish Council.

• Luke said he agreed to an additional three years as the Secretary last year leaving two additional years.  Luke stated he may not make all of the meetings.

• Brian Hamrin said he will stay with the commission and will continue to support the computer equipment.  

• Bob will talk to Eric Brauman to see if he wants to continue on the commission.

At the end of Bob Cotter’s term in August, the commission will not have a Chairperson to lead the commission’s activities and will be in need of new members.  The remaining members will retain their activities as follows:

• Tom Ziegler will continue to take the lead for Church maintenance and will serve on the Parish Council.

• Luke Graessle will complete his term as Secretary and will assist with projects as they arise.

• Brian Hamrin will continue to oversee the computer needs of the parish.

• Bob will discuss with Eric Brauman to determine if he wants to continue as the representative for Security and Safety.

• None of the existing members desire to take over the Chairperson’s role after Bob leaves in August.

• The people present discussed if anyone has recommendations for people to participate with the Administration Commission and no recommendations were made.

• After August we need new people to join the commission and we need a new Chairperson.  

The next meeting is to be determined later.  The meeting was closed with a prayer.

Submitted by Luke Graessle