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Our Lady of the Lake Administration Commission Minutes,  October 20, 2022

Our Lady of the Lake

Minutes of the Administration Commission Meeting

October 20, 2022

The meeting was opened with a prayer. Attendees includedBob Cotter, Charles Cassmeyer, Brian Hamrin, Luke Graessle, John Riley, and Robert Adams. Eric Brauman, Larry Buschjost, Tom Zeigler, and Laura Nelson wereexcused.

The meeting minutes for September, 2022 were reviewed and approved.  

Old Business:

1. Update on roof repair:  The roof of the Fellowship Hall has been repaired and we have not yet had a significant rain to determine the effectiveness of the repairs.

2. Stained glass window report:  As the result of a Diocese initiative, we have received a bid to repair the stained-glass windows in the church.  This does not include the stained glass on the north and south wings by the entrance doors.  This will include resealing and repairing all of the windows and installation of acrylic coverings on the outside of the windows.  The bid had a cost of $86,000 and the bid, dated in June of this year, was good for 45 days.  A question arose about whether the acrylic coverings would yellow with time.  Bob said he will inquire about whether the acrylic will yellow with time and will get an updated cost to be discussed at the next meeting.  Approvals would need to be obtained from the Administration Commission, the Finance Commission and the Diocese.

3. Update report on sacrarium sink in sacristy: There was no update provided.  Bob stated that Tom has some ideas on how to make the sink drain to the ground.  This will be discussed in a future meeting.

4. Doors on north and south wings:  The doors on the north and south wings continue to have issues with water leaking during some rains.  No update was provided.

5. Status of glass doors to pastor’s office to comply with Virtus: It was stated that Tom is looking into this.

6. New office space for Music Director:  It was reported that a new wall and door will be installed in the office area to make an office for the Music Director.

7. Long range planning:  Bob reported that the Architect has indicated that he will provide information by the end of October.

New Business:

1. Confessional rework:  Bob reported that Fr. Penn has a concern with the lights on the doors that indicate that someone is in the confessional.  The issue is when someone is in either side of the confessional lights on both doors should indicate that someone is in one of the confessionals.  There is also a concern with a step to enter the east side of the confessional that could be a trip hazard.

2. Replace locks on Bestgen Hall:  Bob reported that Fr. Penn has a concern with the number and control of keys for access to Bestgen Hall.  A suggestion was made to change the lock to a type that has keys that cannot be copied and then control the number of keys.  It was discussed that many people need access for the various uses of the hall to include PSR, breakfasts, fish fries, meetings funeral meals, and other uses.  An alternative was suggested that we install an electronic key pad lock to the kitchen and then revised the main entry so it can be unlocked from the inside.  If we do this we will not have to deal with physical keys and the code can be changed from time to time.  When the code is changed an email can be sent to a distribution list of people who need access to the hall.

3. South side step repair:  No update was provided.

4. Election of new officers:  Charles suggested we keep the same officers for another year.  This was approved by the members present.

Other Issues:

1. Charles reported that a review of insurance revealed that the Parish facilities are insured to $20 million which is adequate.  Charles suggested that a video be made of all church facilities and equipment.

The next meeting will be November 17, 2022 at 6:00 p.m.

The meeting was closed with a prayer.

Submitted by Luke Graessle