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Our Lady of the Lake Administration Commission Minutes February 16, 2023

Our Lady of the Lake

Minutes of the Administration Commission Meeting

February 16, 2023

The meeting was opened with a prayer. Attendees includedBob Cotter, Charles Cassmeyer, Brian Hamrin, Luke Graessle, John Riley, and Tom Ziegler.

The meeting minutes for January, 2023 were reviewed and approved.  

Old Business:

1. Long-Range Planning Committee Update:  Three options on how to move forward with the Architect were reviewed and after consultation with the Diocese the decision was made to terminate the relationship.

2. Update on Roof Repair – The roof has not leaked since it was repaired.  We will continue to monitor.

3. Stained glass window report:  We are waiting for an estimate from Emil Frei for work on the windows in the church.

4. Update report on sacrarium sink in sacristy: Bob reported that a sink will be installed that drains into the ground. It will be located on the outside wall of the sacristy and will have water routed to it.

5. Doors on north and south wings:  Grady’s Glass and Wells Glass will come and look at the doors and make recommendations.

6. Outside Electrical work has been completed.

7. Status of glass in doors to comply with Virtus: We have ordered glass and replacement doors and will install them when they are received.

8. The Remodel of the Confessionals has been completed.

9. Rectory Roof Replacement:  Black and White roofing has recommended that we replace the roof on the rectory.  An insurance inspector will inspect the roof to see if insurance can apply to the replacement.

During the next meeting we will discuss contracts for next year.

New Business:

One of the members present reported that the new Parish Council will meet quarterly and some of the other commissions are no longer meeting monthly.  After discussion it was agreed we will meet next month to review contracts and then go to quarterly meetings, or meetings will be called as needed.

The next meeting will be March 16, 2023 at 5:30 p.m.

The meeting was closed with a prayer.

Submitted by Luke Graessle