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Knights of Columbus Council #9273 2021 Annual Letter

2021 Annual Letter to Members R1

Fellow Knights,

This letter is being sent to all members of KC Council # 9273 to let you know what we accomplished in 2020, where the money we raise goes, and to let you know about what we have planned for 2021.

Our activities are an important part of our Parish. The fellowship provided by our donut Sundays, Fish Fries and Breakfasts are part of the social fabric of our Parish and help bring people together. Additionally, by helping with these activities it allows our friendships to strengthen and it is a good time.

First of all, if you are not receiving routine e-mails about KC Meetings, KC Breakfasts, KC Fish Fries, etc.- Please send your correct email to me either by email or you can call or text me with it.

  • My email is:
  • My phone number is: 573-723-0514
  • Or you could write it down on a note addressed to me and drop it off at church.

Last year we accomplished the following: Many of our planned events for 2020 were cancelled due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

  • Alcohol and drug abuse bullying poster contest for school children in January
  • Donuts in the Fellowship Hall 13 Sundays
  • 3 Fish Fries – Every Friday in Lent except Good Friday
  • Coat drive – Coats for kids – donated over 114 coats
  • Raffle from 15th July to December 18th
  • Mass for deceased Knights and Lady Knights in November
  • Tootsie Roll Drive in October – Collected over $4,200.00

The money raised through our work, donations and grants goes primarily to our Parish and to Charities that need our support. In 2020 with the Pandemic, we still donated over $13,000.00

The following summarizes our Charitable Contributions:

  • Donut Donations on Sundays allow us to donate to:

o Hope House and Our Lady of the Lake Parish Charities

  • Tootsie Roll Drive allows us to donate to:
  • Cardinal Glennon children’s hospital who provides care for children regardless of

their ability to pay

  • Miller County Group Home – for developmentally disabled people
  • Lake Area Industries – employs 65 developmentally disabled people
  • Laclede Industries (Recycle Center) – employs 45 developmentally disabled people
  • Our Fish Fries, Breakfasts, Raffle, and our Council funds allow us to donate to:
Columbian CharitiesReligious VocationsSupport for Seminarian
Roses for LifePregnancy Help CenterSpecial Olympics
Culture for LifeAGAPE House 

I hope you agree the work we do goes to important causes.

In 2021, we have similar activities planned to include 40 Donut Sundays, 6 Fish Fries, 10
Country Breakfasts, Poster Contests, Raffle and a PSR BBQ’s.  All these activities require work from our membership and we can use some help! All these events are tentatively scheduled, but will depend upon current health and hygiene protocols.

We all have a limit to the amount of time and work we are able or willing to provide but if all of us kick in some it would really help. Working on KC activities is rewarding and fun as we get to know each other better and our work is for good causes.

The following is how you can help:

Donut Sundays – We need a new Chairman for our Donut Sundays. What is involved is contacting individuals, making a quarterly schedule, and ordering donuts. Those who volunteers would put donuts on plates and serve donuts and coffee after 8:00 and 10:00 masses. This is an activity that members and their spouses can help with – If you can help please let Gary Chaput at 573-723-0514. We need to preschedule people to help with Donut Sundays.

Fish Fries will start on February 19th on Thursday mornings we get the fish and materials ready and on Friday we start getting ready in the afternoon and need fish fryers and servers from 4:00 – 7:00. If you are working and can’t get there early, we can use help any time and we clean up after 7:00. If we have enough help, we can be done by 9:00.

Country Breakfasts will start on May 2nd and workers arrive around 7:00 am and we need servers from 8:00 – 11:30. Some people go to mass Saturday night and others go Sunday at both masses. If you can come early and help and serve food or come after the 8:00 mass to help or after the 10:00 mass, it would be very helpful. Last year we didn’t have anyone show up after two 8:00 masses and the people who arrived early were challenged and some had to leave for 10:00 mass.

We have about 104 members in our council but honestly only about 15-20 routinely help with our activities. If you don’t want to go to meetings that is your call, but we need help with Sunday Donuts, Fish Fries, Breakfasts and raffle.

A copy of the 2021 Knights Calendar of Events is provided. If we have your correct email address, you will get reminders for meetings, fish fries, breakfasts, and other activities when we need help. Please think about it and do what you can.

Thanks for what you do four our Parish and our Community!

Gary Chaput
Grand Knight