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Our Lady of the Lake, Minutes of the Administration Commission, May 20, 2021

Our Lady of the Lake
Minutes of the Administration Commission Meeting
May 20, 2021

The meeting was opened with a prayer led by Monsignor Makarewicz. Attendees included Charles Cassmeyer, Bob Cotter, Robert Adams, Brian Hamrin, Tom Ziegler, John Riley, Laura Nelson, Eric Brauman and Luke Graessle.  Larry Buschjost was excused.

Minutes from the April, 2020 meeting were reviewed and approved.

Old Business:.
1. Long Range Plan (LRP) Update:  Luke gave an update on the status of the Long-Range Plan.  The LRP committee met with the Architects the day before this meeting to get a status and provide additional information about our wants/needs in the building attached to the church and our wants/needs for a new multi-purpose building/parish hall.  Luke explained that the LRP will contain four elements and an implementation plan.  These elements are:.
a. Site Plan – This includes improving parking and traffic flow and getting the site into a configuration where the additional improvements can be made.
b. The Building attached to the church – This building will contain the Fellowship Hall, Chapel, administrative offices, conference rooms and may include the location for new/additional PSR classrooms.
c. The Multi-Purpose Building – Conceptually this will be a gymnasium that can be used for a parish hall, a kitchen, parish meeting rooms and potentially a location for charity/outreach and storage rooms.d. Church – This is a work in progress and could be an upgrade of the existing church to modernize and make more comfortable and useable or could include enlargement of the church.  The LRP committee will meet next week to discuss our wants/needs for the church in the LRP.

2. Bids for snow removal and salt – Bob reported that he has all of last year’s bills and he will collate them for review.  He will also get information related to last winter’s snow removal and salt.  These will be discussed at the next meeting.

3. Security Cameras – Eric reported that the new cameras have been installed and staff will be trained on how to view them on their office computers.  Monsignor stated that stand-alone monitors will not be needed.

4. Permanent Streaming:  Monsignor reported that a contract has been accepted and it has been sent to the diocese for approval.  The cost is approximately $27,500.  We will also need to get a computer to control the new equipment.  The small room across from the men’s restroom in the back of church (Bagnall Dam Blvd. end) will be modified to provide a location to operate the equipment to conduct permanent streaming.  Tom stated it will take a while to get that room modified.

5. Bestgen Hall Internet:  Brian reported that the hardware has been purchased and needs to be installed.  It will cost less than $1,000.

6. Capital Expenses: 
a. Parking Lot – Charlie reported that we have received two bids to seal and stripe the lot and the bidders advised that this really needs to be done.  The low bid of $16,385 was approved.  Bob commented that perhaps we should not do this as we may be changing the parking lot but the consensus was that we should seal the lot to protect it as implementation of the long-range plan could be longer term and ongoing in nature. Tom suggested that we add a couple of handicapped parking spots on locations that are level with the church entrance.
b. Scaffolding – Tom reported that the new scaffolding has been purchased.  It will be tall enough to change lights in church and the Fellowship Hall.  Tom will come and inventory the new equipment to make sure it is all there and will show John how to erect the scaffolding.
c. Hazmat Cabinet – There was a discussion concerning how much hazardous materials we actually have.  John will inventory the hazardous materials and the first step will be to ask if we need it or if we can get rid of it.  Purchase of a hazmat cabinet will not be pursued until we determine if we really need one.

New Business:
a. Facilities Preventive Maintenance Activities:  John reported on items identified in last month’s review.  This included a need for some power washing at the Rectory, some trees/bushes need to be removed and window washing.  John talked to John Sash window washing and we will also get a bid from Osage Glass.  John also provided an update on removal of mice from Bestgen hall with mouse traps.  Tom reported that he and another parishioner installed some new seals on the doors and sealed some other openings.  Tom advised that AB Pest will contact John to come to the hall to look at what else needs to be done.
b. Mulch – Monsignor reported that some areas need to be mulched.  He said he will put a request in the bulletin for volunteers to place mulch and we will make a purchase and organized a day to install mulch.
c. Police Assistance for Summer Traffic:  Monsignor asked for a volunteer to contact the police department and ask for the normal assistance with summer traffic.  Monsignor advised the he didn’t want any of the church staff to make that call.  Eric agreed to call the police and make the annual request.
d. Rectory:  Monsignor advised that we need to take a video of the rectory and contents prior to getting a new priest.  He requested that Bob and Tom assist him with this.  While doing this they will make a list of anything else that needs to be done before Father Medina arrives to make sure the rectory is in good shape.

The next meeting will be June 17, 2021 at 5:00 p.m.

Monsignor closed the meeting with a prayer.

Submitted by Luke Graessle