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Our Lady of the Lake Minutes of the Administration Commission Meeting August 27, 2020

This meeting was done on Zoom.

The meeting was opened with a prayer led by Monsignor Makarewicz. Attendees were Charles Cassmeyer, Bob Cotter, Eric Brauman, Robert Adams, John Riley, Brian Hamrin, Tom Ziegler, Luke Graessle, Larry Buschjost and Monsignor Makarewicz. Jim Tapella, Duke Dorge andMarty Mayer did not participate.

Minutes from the July, 2020 meeting were reviewed and approved.

Old Business:
a. Long Range Plan Update:  Luke reported that he had a discussion with Brian Connell from Connell Architects and they have been heavily impacted by the Covid pandemic and as such they are not presently able to work on our project.  Brian did, however, state that it is still their goal to complete our project by the end of this year which is consistent with our schedule.  Luke reported that he and the Architect agreed to routine ongoing communications going forward.
b. Rectory:  Tom reported the painters are working, they will be templating the countertops tomorrow and the flooring will be installed next week.  It is anticipated that this work will be completed in September.
c. Permanent Streaming:  Monsignor reported a vendor from St. Louis will come to the church in September to discuss what we can do with the amount we have budgeted for this project ($30K).
d. Pandemic Protocol:  The dispensation for masses has been extended until November 27th.  No additional changes will be made at this time.
e. Capital Expense Budget: The budget was reviewed and discussed.  No changes were made.
f. Security Cameras:  We have received two bids to run fiber from the furnace room to the front of church and the low bid was $1,250.  The initial estimate for the cameras was approximately $8,000 so it looks like we will be able to complete the project within our $10,000 budget.  It was suggested that we get a consolidated budget for all of the work so we don’t run into issues by using two vendors.  Eric will look into this and report back at the next meeting.
g. Employee Handbook:  Monsignor reported that we have received a template from the diocese and we need to find somebody to customize it for our Parish.
h. Network Infrastructure:  Brian reported that we are looking at providing better wifi in the church and extending wifi to Bestgen hall and the education areas.  It is estimated that this can be accomplished for approximately $1,500.
i. Religious Education Classes:  Monsignor reported that K through 6th grade we are looking at doing ½ of the classes every other week to accomplish smaller classes.  On 9/13 we will begin Confirmation classes and on 9/27 we will begin High School education.
j. Safety and Security:  Eric attended a church safety/active shooter seminar.  We will be receiving a document with recommendations for churches to use and when we do we will consider how to implement improvements in our church.

New Business:
• Access to Church for Mobility Challenged:  Monsignor reported that people have called the church and complained that they cannot climb the stairs or driveway so they cannot attend church.  Potential solutions were discussed but none were considered to be able to be implemented.
• Terms:  Of the six core members, two will rotate off of the Administration Commission and two new core members will be added.  The Commission agreed that Marty Mayer and Duke Dorge will removed as core members and Bob Cotter and Robert Adams will replace them as core members.

Other Business:
• In next month’s meeting we will need to elect officers for the next year.  

The next meeting will be September 24, 2020 at 5:00 p.m.

Submitted by Luke Graessle