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Our Lady of the Lake, Minutes of the Administration Commission Meeting, December 17, 2020

Our Lady of the Lake, Minutes of the Administration Commission Meeting

December 17, 2020

This meeting was done on Zoom.

The meeting was opened with a prayer led by Monsignor Makarewicz. Attendees included Charles Cassmeyer, Bob Cotter, Eric Brauman, Robert Adams, Larry Buschjost, Brian Hamrin, Tom Ziegler, Laura Nelson, Jim Tapella, and Luke Graessle.  John Riley was excused.

Minutes from the October, 2020 meeting were reviewed and approved.

Old Business:

a. Preventive Maintenance Schedule:  A draft Preventive Maintenance schedule was reviewed and discussed.  Some changes were made based on the discussion.  All Commission members were asked to review it and provide comments to Luke prior to the next meeting.  Luke will reformat the document into a month by month schedule that will be reviewed at every Administration Commission meeting monthly to ensure items the previous month were completed.
b. Long Range Plan Update:  Luke reported that he has spoken with Brian Connell and we will have a re-kick off meeting in the beginning of January.  Brian confirmed that we will still be on track to complete the project by the end of the first quarter of 2021.
c. Rectory:  The Rectory remodel project is complete.
d. Permanent Streaming:  We are still waiting on a proposal from the vendor.
e. Winter Rules:  This refers to the closing of the north entrance and the opening of the entrance from the back parking lot by the office.  There were no changes reported.
f. Security Cameras:  We have received a bid and the project was reviewed.  It was decided to go with improved cameras in the parking lot to improve the possibility for identifying vehicles, license plates, andpeople in case vehicle and personnel identification is ever needed.  Charlie advised that this project needs to be presented to and approved by the Finance Commission.  Eric will update the bid document and provide it and a green sheet to the Finance Commission for review/approval.
g. Network Infrastructure:  We continue to work on extending Wi-Fi in areas of the church and Bestgen Hall.
h. Sprinker System Water Usage:  Jim presented a review of water used by our outdoor sprinkler system.  Water usage is significant and costly.  Bob asked that everyone review the church grounds before our next meeting and be prepared to discuss possible options to reduce the need for sprinklers.

New Business:

a. Planned Giving:  Bob reported that there will be a Zoom meeting in January led by the Diocese to explain this in detail.  Bob will attend that meeting.
b. Human Resources:  Laura reported that she has met with the two staff ladies in the office and began a review of the human resources document we have received from the Diocese.  She has some questions to discuss with Monsignor about our flexibility to alter the documents based on our Parish needs.

The next meeting will be January 21, 2020 at 5:00 p.m.

Submitted by Luke Graessle