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Our Lady of the Lake Minutes of the Administration Commission Meeting February 27, 2020

Minutes of the Administration Commission Meeting
February 27, 2020
The meeting was opened with a prayer led by Monsignor Makarewicz. Attendees
were Charles Cassmeyer, Duke Dorge, Bob Cotter, Tom Ziegler, Robert Adams, John
Riley, Brian Hamrin, Larry Buschjost, Jim Tapella, Luke Graessle and Monsignor
Makarewicz. Marty Mayer was not present.
Minutes from the January 2020 meeting were reviewed and approved.
Old Business:
a. Collection Procedures: We have purchased a depository safe to store
collections until they are ready to be counted. This safe allows people to
place items into the safe without having to open the combination.
Procedures will need to be developed for use of tamper proof indicating
envelopes and use of the safe.
b. Rectory: Robert Adams and Sue Spica have walked down the Rectory and
have approximately three pages of notes for things that need to be
repaired/updated. The big issues are updating the kitchen and replacing the
flooring. The kitchen needs updating including replacing the tile on the floor
(some are cracked and broken), replacement of cabinets and countertops and
updated appliances. The items will be prioritized and bids will be received
for the bigger projects.
c. Security/Alarm System: Osage Lock and Alarm has looked at all of the doors
and locks and we will upgrade the locks after Easter.
d. Well House – Robert looked at the well house and suggested plastic could be
placed over the walls to help with moisture. It was suggested that a more
permanent fix may be to erect an enclosure over the location and move
equipment up into the enclosure which would have to be heated to prevent
freezing in the winter. This will be included into the long-range plan. John
was asked to contact electricians to address any immediate electrical safety
e. Long Range Plan Update: The Finance Commission approved money to enter
into a contract with Connell Architecture to assist in developing a long-range
plan. The Administration Commission approved this also and we will
proceed in finalizing a contract and getting to work on development of our
long-range plan.
f. Pastoral Plan: Bishop McKnight would like as many people as possible from
our Parish to provide input into our Pastoral Plan. The plan will be a 3-year
plan describing how we will support Parish and Diocese priorities. A draft of
this plan is due on May 1st and the plan needs to be completed by July 1st
g. Planned Giving: On 4/17 the Diocese will be assisting us in putting together
a “Happy Hour” that introduces a plan for long term giving. In this time, we
will discuss an Endowment that will be used for ongoing operation of the
h. Internet Service: Spectrum contractors ran the new line to the wrong
location and no additional actions have been taken up to this time. We will
continue to monitor progress in upgrading the internet service.
i. Web Site: The new Parish web site has been put into place. Monsignor asked
that our meeting minutes be forwarded to the office staff once they have
been approved so they can be posted to the web site.
New Business:
Parking across the street: We have received a complaint about people parking
across the street in the lots of the businesses during masses. Monsignor will place
an article in the bulletin asking that people do not park across the street during
masses. In addition to taking the parking spaces it is a real safety issue with people
walking across the busy street.
Other Business:
• At our next meeting we will discuss the status of last year’s goals and will
update our goals for the coming year. Each coordinator is asked to be
prepared to discuss our goals at the next meeting.
The next meeting will be March 19, 2020 at 6:00 p.m.
Submitted by: Luke Graessle