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Our Lady of the Lake, Minutes of the Administration Commission Meeting, January 30, 2020

Our Lady of the Lake, Minutes of the Administration Commission Meeting

January 30, 2020

The meeting was opened with a prayer led by Monsignor Makarewicz. Attendees were Charles Cassmeyer, Duke Dorge, Bob Cotter, Tom Ziegler, Robert Adams, John Riley, Brian Hamrin, Marty Mayer, Larry Buschjost, Jim Tapella, Luke Graessle and Monsignor Makarewicz.

Minutes from the December 2019 meeting were reviewed and approved.

Old Business:

a. Collection Procedures:  Luke will look into a secure drop box/safe.  Locations for this were discussed and tabled until we know what we will be using.  Then we will decide the best location.
b. Rectory:  Monsignor will be going on vacation from Feb. 10 to Feb. 21.  Monsignor asked Robert to get with Sue Spica and John and walk through the rectory during that time period and make a listing of things that need to be fixed/upgraded.  We have $15K in the budget for rectory improvements.
c. Church Lighting:  Lighting in the church was discussed.  Brighter bulbs may make a small improvement but that improvement may not be noticeable.  Additional or different fixtures may be the long-term solution.  This item is tabled and will be included in a future church upgrade in the long-term planning process.
d. Security/Alarm System:  Osage Lock and Alarm will charge $60 for a service call and $15 to change out each of the exterior locks.  This was approved and Monsignor will work with the staff for a change management plan with implementation after Easter.
e. Well House – John explained that the floor of the well house is wet and the electrical panels have some exposed conductors.  Eric explained that it is a confined space and should have additional safety precautions when entering.  Robert will look at this and make recommendations for improvements.
f. Long Range Plan Update:  Connell Architecture from Columbia Mo visited the Parish, discussed our needs for assistance in developing a long range plan and did a thorough walk down of the facilities.  They will present a proposal for services in mid-February.  Two other architecture firms declined to bid.  Connell Architecture is doing work at Laurie and the Diocese office is okay with going with Connell if we determine the bid is acceptable.  When the bid is received it will be evaluated and we will determine the next actions to take.
g. Planned Giving:  Push Pay and Black Baud have online payment solutions.  Black Baud is a data management application for non-profits that includes digital payments.  Monsignor is interested in a comprehensive application that meets most or all of the Parish needs.  It was noted that smaller simple applications may be a better way to go.  This will continue to be evaluated.
h. Parish Boundaries:  It appears that Parish boundaries have never been established for the local Parishes.  This may need to be done with agreement with the local Parishes.
i. Internet Service:  Spectrum contractors ran the new line to the wrong location so additional work will need to be done.
j. Web Site:  Monsignor will put an article in the bulletin about our new web site and it will go live in the next couple of weeks.

New Business:

Our current telecom and internet provider is AT&T.  We will be moving to Charter which will result in much faster internet speeds at a lower cost.

Other Business:

• Funding of the long-range plan – The long range plan will be funded with a combination of existing funds and fund drives.  This will be done on a project basis depending on the final long-range plan.  Work continues on establishing an Endowment/Foundation at our Parish.
• Pastoral Plan – Monsignor reported that a Pastoral Plan will need to be in place by July 1st.  This will identify programs and initiatives that put into practice the activities for our Parish.

The next meeting will be February 27, 2020 at 6:00 p.m.

Submitted by:  Luke Graessle