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Our Lady of the Lake Minutes of the Administration Commission Meeting July 23, 2020

This meeting was done on Zoom.

The meeting was opened with a prayer led by Monsignor Makarewicz.  Attendees were Charles Cassmeyer, Bob Cotter, Eric Brauman, Robert Adams, John Riley, Brian Hamrin, Tom Ziegler, Jim Tapella, and Monsignor Makarewicz. Duke Dorge, Marty Mayer, Larry Buschjost, and Luke Graessle did not participate.

Minutes from the June, 2020 meeting were reviewed and approved.

Old Business:

  1. Long Range Plan Update:  A meeting was held with the Architect to discuss the results of the Parish survey and to exchange information.  The two main problems discussed were parking and access to the church and education space.
  2. Rectory:  Everything is on schedule.  Monsignor may request help moving some things.  The project should complete in August.
  3. Outdoor Cameras:  The NVR bid is coming and will include three cameras on the back of the church and two on the front.  There will be 16 ports so we can add an additional 11 cameras.
  4. Permanent Streaming:  Monsignor is working with a company to provide hardware and there are still some questions to be answered about technical aspects of the work.
  5. Capital Expense Budget: The budget was presented and approved.
  6. Covid 19 update:  The diocese is working on additional guidance.

New Business:

  • Employee Handbook:  Monsignor will put something into the bulletin requesting assistance with this project.
  • Religious Education Status:  There will be a meeting with the diocese superintendent to discuss options going forward.

Other Business:

  • Terms for Duke Dorge and Marty Mayer are completed next month so we need to determine if they will stay on the commission or if they want to be replaced.

The next meeting will be August 27, 2020 at 5:00 p.m.

Submitted by:  Bob Cotter and Luke Graessle