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Our Lady of the Lake, Minutes of the Administration Commission Meeting, October 29, 2020

Our Lady of the Lake, Minutes of the Administration Commission Meeting

October 29, 2020

This meeting was done on Zoom.

The meeting was opened with a prayer led by Monsignor Makarewicz. Attendees included Charles Cassmeyer, Bob Cotter, Eric Brauman, Robert Adams, John Riley, Brian Hamrin, Tom Ziegler, Laura Nelson, Jim Tapella, and Luke Graessle.  Larry Buschjost was excused.

Minutes from the September, 2020 meeting were reviewed and approved with one change to include Larry Buschjost as Vice Chairperson.

Old Business:

a. Long Range Plan Update:  Luke reported that he has spoken with Brian Connell and the architects will begin working on our project again in December with a commitment to have it completed by the end of the first quarter of 2021.
b. Rectory:  The Rectory remodel project is essentiallycompleted.  The commission discussed developing a preventive maintenance program for the rectory, the church and the hall.  This would include routine maintenance such as HVAC, power spraying, deep cleaning, concrete sealing, etc.  Luke will coordinate a meeting with Tom, Bob and John to put this together.
c. Permanent Streaming:  A company has looked at our needs and will be sending us a bid.
d. Pandemic Protocol:  This fall and winter we will keep the north part of the church open to accommodate people with social distancing.  To avoid the north stairs, we will move the entrance for the north section to the back of church with entry by the office area.  We will be receiving some additional guidance on pandemic protocols from the Diocese on 11/29.
e. Security Cameras:  We will be receiving a bid from the vendor soon to provide four outside cameras.  It was suggested that we draw up a sketch showing where they will be located.
f. Network Infrastructure:  We need to work on extending Wi-Fi in areas of the church and Bestgen Hall.
g. Safety and Security:  No updated was provided.

New Business:

a. Winter Rules:  We discussed removal of snow and ice on the hill and stairs leading to the front entrance of the church.  Also, we need to update the contract for snow removal.  John explained that the present contract was based on time and materials.  It was suggested that a cost per clean-up contract may be better with different costs depending on the amount of snowfall.  It was also suggested that we get more than one bid.  John will work on getting new contract.
b. Human Resources:  Monsignor communicated that we have received some clear guidelines standardizing job descriptions and job titles from the Diocese.  This will require some work on our part to align with this guidance.  Also, there will be some changes to vacation time for employees.
c. Irrigation costs:  Monsignor explained that our water costs varied significantly in the summer to over $1000 per month.  Jim Tapella will look at the water costs over the past few years to attempt to predict future costs for budgeting purposed.
d. Recognition for past committee participants:  The commission agreed recognize Marty Mayer, Duke Dorge and Charles Cassmeyer for their past work on the commission.

Other items:

• We will need to get the concrete around the church sealed next summer.
• We will need to repaint the handicapped parking space lines next summer.

The next meeting will be November 19, 2020 at 5:00 p.m.

Submitted by Luke Graessle