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Outreach to Divorced Catholics

Our Lady of the Lake Parish is getting all the final steps ready to begin a ministry together for Divorced Catholics. Crossing Over the Bridge at Our Lady of the Lake is being created for those who are going through the pain and sadness of separation and divorce. The mission of Crossing Over the Bridge is to give an avenue for those who feel so isolated and give hope to those who are in pain, overcome the frustration and anger that many times is associated with divorce and ultimately for the members to realize the blessings that are awaiting them within the Catholic Church.

The group will get together for 13 sessions – the time frame will be decided upon at a later date. It will be led by facilitators, these will not be counseling sessions but they will be sessions which will give the participants a better understanding of the Church, its doctrine and how you as a divorcee fit in within the Catholic Church. If you or anyone you know want to find out more about this ministry, please call the Church Office 573-365-2241.