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Palm Sunday is April 5

See the PALM SUNDAY Video with Fr Mike Schmitz!

Palm Sunday is This Sunday, DON’T MISS IT!

Hello All You Teens and Parents!

Msgr will be live-streaming Palm Sunday Mass at 10 AM on Sunday, April 5. Perhaps the most solemn and beautiful Mass of the year, I urge you strongly to participate virtually, and observe the reverence we use in the pews. Come to church dressed and ready to worship. It may be with minimum folks present and not the same as in the past, that’s true. However, it will remind all of us that even though the world is upside down now, it will right itself and we will not take things for granted!

Palm Sunday: Part Two — Later in the day, watch the video above with Fr Mike Schmitz on Sunday night. All the logon information is in the link, so ENJOY! I have previewed it and you will not be disappointed. Fr Mike is a dynamic speaker unafraid to witness and speak the truth in a way that young folks just understand and respect. Fr Mike will completely reinforce Msgr Mak’s homily while giving you another powerful perspective on our Lord Jesus Christ.

While you are in the website, take a close look at the Teen Programs being offered! They are absolutely amazing and I have enjoyed all of them while looking for resources to use at home. You will get lost in the music and speakers, I promise! You will also recognize many names from NCYC!