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Parish Pastoral Council Minutes, April 30, 2023


April 20, 5:30-6:30pm

Attendees:           Fr. Penn (Pastor), Glenda Hinrich (Social Concerns Rep), Linda Adams (Education Rep), Tom Ziegler (Administration Rep), Rosa Aguilar Gasca (Hispanic Ministry), Luis Campos (Hispanic Ministry), Joan Wolf (At-Large Member), Brandy Hutzler (At-Large Member)
Excused Absence: Gay Ann Christy (Stewardship Rep), Tony Kirn (Worship Rep), Tony Otto (At Large Member)
5:30  5:35Opening
• Prayer                                                                          
• Approved Minutes: minutes from the 2/23/2023 meeting were approved by a motion to approve by Brandy Hutzler and a second by Tony Otto. 
   Gay Ann
5:35 – 5:40Worship Commission Report
• No new updates
    Tony K. 
5:40 – 5:45Stewardship Commission Report
• Father Stephen W. Jones, Diocesan Director of Stewardship hosted a meeting at Our Lady of the Lake on March 16.  A small group of parishioners gathered as Father Jones explained the gospel value of stewardship and the model of stewardship that our diocese is undertaking.  As an “active steward” we demonstrate our commitment to Christ by pledging to:
– Actively Pray (attend Mass on weekends and Holy Days)
– Participate (by giving of our time and talent to the support of life and ministry of the parish)
– Sacrificially Give (returning to God what is God’s, in financial support of the work of His Church)
More to come as our parish develops the Stewardship Commission and rolls out the stewardship model.
• Grateful Living Small Groups for Session 1, leading up to Lent was a great success. A special Thanks to our Small Group Hosts and all parishioners that participated.  Together, we are making an impact by opening the minds, hearts, and hands of our parishioners.  Over 80 parishioners participated in organized small groups and over 25 other parishioners used the Grateful Living format to share with family and friends groups.  The Our Lady of the Lake Small Group Coordinators will be hosting a Thank You social for all Small Group Leaders on Tuesday, May 2 at 6 PM.  This time will be used to express our gratitude and gather feedback about Session 1 Lessons Learned.
     Gay Ann
5:45 – 5:50Social Concerns Commission Report
• Chili cookoff was great. We had 32 participants and two that entered chili (Chully Williams and Bob Hiegert). Besides the cost for the tables ($360), we raised an additional $605 for a grand total of $965 for the Pregnancy Help Center. All had a great time.
• Directory is going very well, we have 116 parishioners that have signed up. All volunteer slots for registration and hostess slots are almost filled. Still looking for some to assist. If interested, please call Lusica (915-490-5765). Please continue to get the word out for directory sign-up.
• Bab bottle campaign for PHC is coming up. We have 75 bottles to distribute on Mother’s Day, 14 May and return date is Father’s Day 18 June. We also have two large bottles for those that just want to make a one-time donation.
 • We continue to support those that either call or come by the Church. Appreciate the support that Kelly and Carol provide as the First Line of Compassion when they get the initial information for support.
5:50 – 5:55Education Commission Report
• Parish Scholarship Letters and checks sent out to the four recipients.
• Confirmation 36 candidates confirmed by Bishop. Several were from St. Anthony’s.
• Women’s Cursillo in Camdenton, mid-March. OLOL had three attending. A number of existing Cursillo members from our parish helped with presenting the retreat. No men from the parish attended the Men’s Cursillo.
 • Jade Basi event on March 14. Her witness, interspersed with humor and thought-provoking dialog made for a great event. The duets with Jade on the flute and Steve on the piano was incredible. We are so blessed to have him at our parish. About 20 people attended. Hopefully our parish can show him a bit more support at these events. 
• “Music of the Church” presentation by Steve to occur after Easter. The one hour session will include where we started musically with the Mass, the importance of Gregorian Chant, and more.
• “Welcoming New Parishioners” topic mentioned at the last Council meeting was discussed. Three commissions share this responsibility: Worship handles initial intro with Ushers/Greeters interaction and Welcome baskets (in the past), meals used to be given out which could fall under Social Concerns, Education Commission handles the Welcome Weekends. 

Other ideas around social gatherings were mentioned:
– Donut Sundays: Each commission and some of the other ministries could rotate hosting. (Joan Wolf mentioned this as a possible fund raiser for the NCYC attendees.)
– Saturday Social after Saturday Masso Return of the “Happy Hour”
– Parish Picnic
• For parish council consideration: One area of challenge and great opportunity is with growing the involvement of men of the parish in faith formation activities: retreats, studies, etc. (Fr. Penn asked that this topic be presented to the future DRE.)
5:55 – 6:00Administration Commission Report
• The three doors with glass are in. Waiting for staining to be completed before the side entrance to the Chapel is installed. 
6:00-6:05Hispanic Ministry Report
• Small group Stewardship meetings were hosted by Rosa for Hispanic community. 
• Working with Vicki to complete the Virtus work.
• Lusica will be helping to sign-up people for pictures after Spanish Mass this Sunday.
.• May 1 Fr. Tom will be holding a meeting for Hispanic adults who are in need of sacraments.
• There will be no Spanish Masses on May 7, May 14, or June 18.
• May 27 the Diocese is having a special Hispanic program in Columbia. 
• Children’s Celebration BBQ on April 30. Plans have been drawn up and tasks assigned. Joan, Karen Blevins, Barb Steinman, Rosa, Luis, and Linda met a couple of times. (Linda is very grateful for everyone’s efforts to make this happen!)
    Rosa, Luis
6:05 – 6:20Open Discussion/New Business
• Joan asked about the Mass and Breakfast event for graduating Seniors. No one is aware of any plans. Joan will talk with Kelly. 
• Glenda asked about a more Handicap Accessible back door, perhaps a button door opener. Tom will present this to Administration Commission.
6:20 – 6:28Pastor Time
• Fr. Penn brought up the roof leak that is still occurring in the kitchen area. He is meeting with the Finance Committee to get repairs started.
 • A potential DRE and Executive Assistant have been identified and announcements will be made soon.
     Fr. Penn
6:28 – 6:30Closing   
• Next Meeting Date: June 22 at 5:30pm
• Prayer