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Parish Pastoral Council Minutes, Aug. 24, 2023

OUR LADY OF THE LAKE PARISH PASTORAL COUNCIL, August 24, 2023, 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Attendees:         Fr. Penn (Pastor), Linda Adams (Education Rep), Gay Ann Christy (Stewardship Rep), Glenda Hinrich (Social Concerns Rep), Tom Ziegler (Administration Rep), KarriBrauman (Worship Rep), Rosa Aguilar Gasca (Hispanic Ministry), Luis Campos (Hispanic Ministry), Tony Otto (At-Large Member)

Absent              Tony Kirn (Worship Rep), Brandy Hutzler (At-Large Member)

5:30 – 5:35Opening• Prayer • Motion to approve minutes from the last meeting were received via email. Motion to approve: Linda Adams, Second the motion: Glenda Hinrich                   Linda
                  Gay Ann
5:35 – 5:40Worship Commission Report• The Queenship Novena was held Aug 13–21 with the crowning of Mary on Aug 22. This year the novena was held in the chapel and the following parish organizations were asked to lead it:o Grateful Living Groupo Ladies Auxiliaryo Books, Prayers, and Jesus Study Groupo Prayer, Praise, and Intercession Ministryo Social Concerns Commissiono Education Commisssiono Worship Commissiono Hispanic Ministryo Thursday Fellowship GroupBy doing so, it seemed the attendance was greater this year and a more diverse group of parishioners were reached. A notice was put in the bulletin to thank everyone for their help and participation. • Ministry of Lectors, Ministry of Usher/Greeters and Ministry of Eucharistic Ministers’ Sequence of Action Pamphlets were submitted for review after members updated them. They will be sent to Fr. Penn for final review before being sent to volunteers and uploading to the website.• A donation was made to the church for a 3-part concert series to be held. The first will be a classical symphony on Nov 19. The second will be held on Dec 2 with the Lake Area Chorale performing. The final concert will be held in the spring.• Concerning parish digital communications, all announcements or promotions will now need to be sent to Joan Wolf for review before being included in the bulletin, uploaded to the website, or posted on Facebook.                   Karri
5:40 – 5:45Stewardship Commission Report• We are ready to formally form and develop our Stewardship Commission. A call for interested volunteers with a passion for stewardship will be announced in the bulletin throughout September.• We have completed development of the materials we need to support the 2023 Annual Catholic Stewardship Renewal (CSR). This renewal process is facilitated by the diocese, administered locally at all parishes, and is a means by which parishioners are asked to commit to living out the “3-Legged Stool” of Christian Stewardshipthrough:o Prayer – attendance at weekend and Holy Day Mass.o Participation – using their time and talent to build up the parish.o Sacrificial Giving – pledging a proportional and sacrificial gift of treasure to support the ministry of the parish.The 2023 Catholic Stewardship Renewal (CSR) process will be similar to the “Time, Talent, and Treasure” campaigns of the past, but we believe the new CSR process will be much more intentionalbecause we will be asking all parish families to participate by fillingout our new stewardship materials annually, including:o Time and Talent Formo Tithing Commitment FormOur new CSR process is not just something which is administrative but is also deeply spiritual. A yearly opportunity for each parishioner to purposefully and prayerfully: o Reviewing & Redirecting allows parishioners to ask themselves the following questions: How am I doing at striving to live as an active steward in my parish? How is my Mass attendance? How do I participate in the communal life of the parish? How well does my level of giving support the ministries of the parish?o Reaffirming & Recommitting allows parishioners – on a yearly basis – to concretely proclaim “Yes! I am a part of this parish, and I am supportive of its mission and ministries!”o The 2023 Annual Catholic Stewardship Renewal will be:• Commission Training on the new CSR Process will be in September, date TBD.• Oct 7-10: mailing of packets. Diocese will provide pulpit announcements. Weekend activities planning underway. • Oct 14-15: Weekend activities planning underway.• Oct 21-22: Parishioners asked to return commitment forms.                  Gay Ann
45 – 5:50Social Concerns Commission Report• Church Directory: Final pictures will be taken at the start of the Family Faith Formation classes on Sept 13. The Goal is to have a hard-copy directory for those that ordered pictures and to create an online application of the directory, to be used within the parish to add church members/families as they arrive.• We provided $475 for a mother and her daughter to stay in a hotel until their apartment was available on Aug 1. Eleven Kindness meals and one compassion meal were distributed in July.• Pregnancy Care Center Fundraiser: we had 63 bottles returned and we received a record number of donations for a total of $3,772.53. There will be no 5K Run/Walk this year, as there is a lack of law enforcement available to support the event. There will be a fundraiser bake sale at the Versailles Apple Festival on Oct 7-8.• Catholic Charities of Central and Northern Missouri is hosting Parish Engagement and Charity Events on Saturdays this fall. One of the events will be held at Our Lady of the Lake, on Sept 16, in Bestgen Hall, from 8:30 am – 11:30 am. Social Concerns will be assisting at the event by providing refreshments and hospitality. All parishioners are welcome to attend, but need to register for this or other events by following this link: Parish Engagement and Charity Events | Catholic Charities (                 Glenda
5:50 – 5:55Education Commission Report• All catechist positions have been filled, including the parents’ session. A catechist meeting was held on Wednesday, Aug 23.• St. Anthony’s Parish has offered to host the upcoming Confirmation celebration.• NCYC Youth are hosting a Donut Sundays Fundraiser and all monies raised will go towards travel expenses for our youth to attend theNovember NCYC event. The youth raised more than $240 on the first Sunday. In addition, $1,300 has been received through generous donations.• Adult Faith Formation:o Hearts A Fire Program: the first part of this event wrapped up this week. Thank you Fr. Penn, for the blessing.o Tuesday’s Heresy study is going very well, and we have heard positive feedback.o The White House Retreat is scheduled for Sept 7-10.• The next Education Commission meeting is scheduled for Oct 5 at 5:30 pm.                  Linda
5:55 – 6:00Administration Commission Report• Handicap accessible doors:  In discussions with Administration andFinance we have determined that churches are exempt from Title III of the ADA: Public Accommodations. • At this time, no ADA modifications will be made at Our Lady of the Lake. We will continue to monitor concerns related to Title III of the ADA Public Accommodations.                  Tom
6:00-6:05Hispanic Ministry Report• Concerns were raised about where Camdenton Hispanic studentsshould go for Family Faith Formation and Confirmation classes.Some people have been told the Camdenton parish will not have Confirmation classes. Rosa will talk with Michelle and have Michelle and Jan discuss. Fr. Penn will investigate the concern as well.• We have received positive and grateful feedback that Family Faith Formation is having activities for parents of the parish too. It is believed that an improved curriculum for this year has been developed.                   Rosa, Luis
6:05 – 6:20New Business/Open Discussion• A question was raised if the Knights of Columbus will be providing the food for the Family Faith Formation BBQ on Sept 6? Karri will contact Michele (DRE).• A small group of parishioners and priests from the Southwest Deanery meet on Tuesday, August 2023 at St. Patrick Catholic Church to learn more about how to  work “Better Together” through the implementation of the Southwest Deanery Pastoral Process Plan for parishes in our diocese. The group broke out in parish groups/clusters, ours being: Our Lady of the Lake, Lake Ozark, St, Anthony’s, Camdenton, and Our Lady of the Snows Catholic Mission, Climax Springs to begin collaboration on ways to serve and implement the expectations of the plan.o Each parish was actioned to discern on a list of questions that will assist the Deanery Team in development of the SW Deanery implementation plan. o Fr. Penn distributed a document regarding the first group of questions, related to all seven sacramental preparation activities. Pastoral Council members were asked to discern this information and provide feedback to Joan.o Gay Ann was actioned to work with Joan to determine the best way to gather feedback on the rest of the information being requested by the Deanery Team. An additional email will be sent to council members the week of August 28 to address the remainder of the information being requested.o Gay Ann has reached out to the Deanery Team to get the expected date for return of the information.                   All
6:20 – 6:28Pastor Time• Administration Commission: Tom Ziegler and Luke Graessle have agreed to stay on the Administration Commission. Three new members, Patrick Dulle, Jason McKenna, and Frank Stipanitz will be joining the commission.• Parish commissions are encouraged to review existing charters and make updates, as needed to fulfill their purpose. These charters and other commission documents will continue to evolve over time and will be updated, as necessary. • The Saint Michael statue has been blessed and prayer cards are available. Fr. Penn asked commission members to discern when the best time would be to offer prayer to Saint Michael. Perhaps, after Masses in the fall? The commission will discuss more.• Our Parish Mission will be held Dec 9-13. Fr. Gielow will be assisting with the mission. Parish Mission Masses will be held during regularMass times on Dec 9-10 and at 7 pm on Dec 11-13. Penance Service will be on Dec 11. The Education Commission is actioned to work with Fr. Penn to align Family Faith Formation activities with the Parish Mission on Dec 13.                   Fr. Penn
6:28 – 6:30Closing• Next Meeting: October 26, 2023, at 5:30• Prayer                  Linda