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Pastoral Council Minutes, Oct. 26, 2023


October 26, 2023,   5:30pm – 6:30pm

Attendees:           Fr. Penn (Pastor), Linda Adams (Education Rep), Rosa Aguilar Gasca (Hispanic Ministry), Luis Campos (Hispanic Ministry), Brandy Hutzler (At-Large Member), Tony Otto    (At-Large Member), Vicki Irsik (Stewardship Rep Substitute)

Absent:                 Tom Ziegler (Administration Rep), Karri Brauman (Worship Rep), Glenda Hinrich (Social Concerns Rep), Tony Kirn (Worship Rep), Gay Ann Christy (Stewardship Rep)

5:30 – 5:35 Opening

  • Prayer  — Linda
  • Motion to approve minutes from the last meeting were received via email. Motion to approve: Tony Otto, Second the motion: Tom Ziegler. 

5:35 – 5:40 Worship Commission Report — Karri

  • No Report                  

5:40 – 5:45 Stewardship Commission Report — Vicki

  • CSR packets:  we are patiently waiting for the rest of our Stewardship Guides. Once we receive them we will create a new CSR schedule for our parishioners,
  • Welcome Dinner: Jay and Gay Ann enjoyed the New Parishioners Welcome Dinner. There was a lot of conversations about ministries and commissions to get involved with. Many are looking forward to our CSR and opportunities to participate more.
  • Our Stewardship Commission is still looking for new members. Please let others know to reach out to us if they are interested. We currently have 5 interested parishioners and will be holding a meet and greet in November.
  • We are currently working on our commission charter. What is the process to get that charter reviewed and approved?
  • In November, we will be talking with commission chairs to get an understanding of things Stewardship can do to support them. We will then use our CSR Time and Talent forms to assist in matching needs with parishioners. We are also looking at the existing commission pamphlets and will review with the commission chairs. We are hoping to update those and have them available as handouts. What is the process to get these pamphlets reviewed and approved?
  • Grateful Living: Session 2 has started and will run from October 23 through December 2. 

5:45 – 5:50 Social Concerns Commission Report — Glenda

  • Fr. Penn approved the directory, and it is being sent to St. Louis for the first copy. The copy will be reviewed once it is returned and then sent off for publishing. Only parishioners who had their picture taken will receive a free copy. 15 people sent in photos and paid $15 for the directories. The directory will be online so new parishioners’ photos will be able to be added.
  • The Outreach Ministry provided $449 and $500 to separate families. The vetting form has been updated to better vet the client asking for assistance.
  • Social Concerns provided 7 kindness meals in September and 8 in October.
  • Social Concerns is gearing up for the Advent Tree 2023. There will be an announcement in the bulletin on November 5th and 12th. We will be providing gifts to 150 participants from Hope House, 5 from Helping Hands, 5 from Ozark Rehab, and 5 from Lakeside Meadows for a total of 165 gifts.
  • Social Concerns hosted the first Meet and Greet for New Parishioners on Saturday, October 21st. All the Parish Commissions worked together to provide food, set up the dining area, and clean up afterwards. 49 people attended. There were a lot of new parishioners who showed interest in the commissions and groups and a few even signed up!            

5:50 – 5:55 Education Commission Report — Linda

  • Concerns were voiced at the last meeting around attendance of students, particularly the older groups. Also, lack of attendance has resulted in cancellation of the parent sessions, for now. Michele has been doing excellent work communicating the importance of fulfilling commitments. Tony reported that attendance in his group has gone up with sports seasons ending. 
  • An Advent Adventure will be held from 5-9pm on Dec. 9 for grades K-6, with older children serving as helpers. 
  • Welcome weekend is coming up November 4-5, plans are underway for Advent by Candlelight December 5.
  • A seed team of women parishioners will be planning a Welcome weekend for Msgr. Mak’s parish in Kirksville April 20-21, 2024. 
  • A selection has been made for the Advent book for parishioners: “Beautiful Eucharist” by Matthew Kelly.    

5:55 – 6:00 Administration Commission Report — Fr. Penn

  • A number of projects are coming up:
    • Rectory deck repairs
    • Church tuckpointing 
    • Stained glass windows repairs
  • Meetings for Finance and Administration are now scheduled to minimize time between estimate-gathering and decision-making for projects.              

6:00-6:05 Hispanic Ministry Report — Rosa, Luis

  • A second married couple’s stewardship small group will begin in January.
  • November 5, a table will be set up in Church with pictures of the deceased and a candle.
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe movie will be shown at 4pm on November 26 (in English and Spanish).
  • December 3-11 will be the Novena for Our Lady of Guadalupe, with the Rosary being said in the evenings in Bestgen Hall and refreshments afterward.                 

6:05 – 6:20 New Business/Open Discussion — All

  • None

6:20 – 6:28 Pastor Time — Fr. Penn

  • No Communal Penance Service this Advent, due to the shortened time. Instead, Fr. Penn will be available for Confession at the following times:
    • December 5, 11am-1pm and 5-7pm
    • December 15, 11am-1pm and 5-7pm
    • December 19, 5-7pm
  • Penance Service for FFF students will be December 11 at 5:30pm, followed by the Parish Mission Mass at 7pm.
  • Parish Mission will be held December 9-13 in the evenings with Mass at 7pm each night. Light refreshments will be served after Masses on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Parish Commissions are being asked to help with providing refreshments. Linda A. will contact the Commission Chairs to set it up.
  • Holy Days of Obligation Masses
    • October 31 at 6pm
    • November 1 at 8am and 5:30pm
    • December 7 at 6pm
    • December 8 at 8am and 12:05pm
  • Mass schedule for 4th Sunday of Advent:
    • December 23 at 5pm
    • December 24 at 8am and 10am
  • Mass schedule for Christmas Eve:
    • December 24 at 4pm and 6pm (Spanish)
  • Mass schedule for Christmas Day:
    • December 25 at 10am
  • Meeting for Eucharistic Ministers will be held January 9 at 6pm (commissioning of ministers will be scheduled later).              

6:28 – 6:30 Closing. — Linda

  • Next Meeting:  January 25, 2024
  • Prayer