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From the Pastor’s Desk: 19 November 2023

Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

   This Thursday, November 23rd, is Thanksgiving Day.  Arguably this might be considered a holy day of obligation for our nation as many of our citizens pause in some manner to consider the many graces and blessings God has bestowed and give thanks.  Truly one can say that our states are united for at least one moment due to our gratitude to God.  One is blessed when giving thanks and living the gift of fear of the Lord.  Although this day is a secular holiday, each day for us should be filled with thanksgiving as this word “thanksgiving” defines who we are and what we are strengthened by: Eucharist, meaning thanksgiving.  Let us give thanks to God for all we have and are and let us renew our pledge, strengthened by the Eucharist (thanksgiving) to become a grateful people chosen by God to be His living instruments in the world. 

   May each of you and your families have a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving Day.  To God be the glory!