Public Health Concerns

Updating Health and Hygiene Practices

By Monsignor Makarewicz | May 14, 2021

Bishop McKnight has issued a new decree governing the liturgical and pastoral activities of the parishes of the Diocese of Jefferson City. The substance of the decree will be effective June 1; however, there are some liturgical practices that can be implemented as soon as advisable. The most significant point is the lifting of the…

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Preparing for June 1

By Monsignor Makarewicz | May 11, 2021

Bishop McKnight has issued a decree dated May 7 and going into effect June 1 regarding the next phase in our Church’s response to the pandemic. From June 1 on, the dispensation will be lifted from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass and other days of precept (Holy Days of Obligation throughout the week such…

El Greco: Christ heals the blind man.

COVID-19 Vaccination Assistance

By Monsignor Makarewicz | January 15, 2021

The State of Missouri is well under way with efforts to provide COVID-19 vaccinations for residents. Providing vaccinations to the public at such a scale during these times is no easy task. I want to first recognize the work of researchers, production facilities, public health officials, and health care providers, all who have worked together…

Diocesan Prayer to Immaculate Heart of Mary for Protection from the Coronavirus

By Marilee Poulter | January 15, 2021

O Immaculate Heart of Mary, we entrust ourselves to you, Health of the Sick.At the foot of the Cross, you participated in Jesus’ pain, with steadfast faith.Patroness of the Diocese of Jefferson City, you know what we need.We are certain of the power of your intercession, so that, as you did at Cana of Galilee,…

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Winter Entrance Protocol Begins November 29

By Monsignor Makarewicz | November 20, 2020

This past week our annual backflow valve inspection took place. These valves are required for facilities connected to a central water supply. This ensures that a low pressure event on the supply side of the system does not draw contaminated water from a local user into the wider system. The physics of water flow is…

Bishop McKnight extends pandemic protocols to 11/27/2020

By Monsignor Makarewicz | August 29, 2020

Updated instructions regarding the pastoral practices in time of pandemic Bishop McKnight has issued a decree to go into effect on September 12. The decree extends the dispensation from attending Sunday Mass in person until November 27, 2020. The Bishop does caution all the faithful that a dispensation from the obligation to attend Mass does…

The coming school year

By Vicki Irsik | July 11, 2020

Hello, All My Friends in Christ! Our parish commissions have spent innumerable hours developing, with your input, a pastoral plan that builds up our current community, expands our efforts to evangelize, and engages us in becoming a center of mercy and charity. At this time in our history, we are facing a difficult challenge. It…

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Providing for Worship

By Monsignor Makarewicz | June 26, 2020

One feature of the Eucharist is its deceptive simplicity. In form, matter, and personnel, it seems that the Mass requires little. Liturgists have identified this aspect of the Roman Rite in a positive light as “noble simplicity”. The simple furnishings required:  an altar, a chair, and ambo. The simple proclamation of the word. Very ordinary…

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Continuing Vigilance and Generosity of Spirit

By Monsignor Makarewicz | June 19, 2020

In Governor Parson’s executive order lifting statewide health restrictions on June 16, and Bishop McKnight’s subsequent response to the executive order, local leadership has been called upon to assume a greater responsibility for keeping people healthy during this pandemic. Here are a few points to consider as we respond to a continuing crisis. You hear…

Decreto Nuevo del Obisbo McKnight de 15 Junio 2020

By Monsignor Makarewicz | June 17, 2020

DECRETO: Sobre las actividades pastorales en la diócesis de Jefferson City Tras la Declaración del Gobernador que levanta las restricciones estatales para la pandemia COVID-19 Nuestra Señora del Lago está formulando nuestra respuesta y prácticas al Decreto del 15 de junio de 2020. Esta semana se publicarán actualizaciones de los procedimientos de misa, reuniones de…