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Social Concerns Commission 11 March 2021 Minutes

Social Concerns Commission

Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church, Lake Ozark, Missouri

Thursday, March 11, 2021


Attendees: Theresa Brown, Lusica Hankins, Dcn. Jim Hankins, Msgr. Makarewicz, Glenda Hinrichs, Katie Thorman, Dianne Richardson, Dr. Laura Nelson, Karen Pither

  • Opening Prayer and Reflection:  Katie Thorman gave a beautiful prayer and reflection on what we are called to do in providing food, clothing and shelter to those in need. Jesus focused on the dignity and value of every person and this what we are called to do. By serving our brothers and sisters, we are serving him.
  • Commitment to Mission prayer – All prayed together.
  • Salva vida Outreach – Dcn Jim stated that two blessing bags had been provided for those coming by Church   requesting assistance.  He attended a meeting at The Tree Ministries in Camdenton on February 23 that addressed the homelessness (that they referred to as Neighbors-In-Need) in the Camdenton and surrounding areas.  It was an exceptionally good meeting and Stephanie Koch suggested that we carpool from church to their next meeting to be held on March 30th at 6:30pm. If interested in going, please email or call Dcn. Jim. We will meet at 5:45pm in the parking lot. Dr, Laura Nelson indicated that she had been in contact with a mother regarding a child/school matter that eventually led to a concern for financial assistance and a need for reaching-out and support.  Dr. Laura, through donated grocery gift cards from Our Lady of the Lake, provided a grocery gift card.  Dcn. Jim and Lusica Hankins offered their assistance for this family as well as Msgr. Makarewicz.  Dr. Laura will provide Dcn Jim’s phone number for future support. Dcn Jim indicated that he provided $650 of donated Woods gift cards through Our Lady of the Lake to the Hope House for those needing additional assistance. 
  • Update Parish Rosters:  Msgr Makarewicz stated that the script was sent out for comments with no one replying with any corrections.  As such, the next step is to get the database printed with names broken down into groups of 50 for calling and adding comments, as necessary.  Please let Dcn Jim know if you are interested with making phone calls.  Current volunteers include Glenda Hinrichs, Dcn. Jim Hankins, Lusica Hankins, Theresa Brown, and Dianne Richardson.
  • Networking for employment support:  Dcn Jim mentioned that an elderly lady needed light housekeeping and personal care assistance seven day a week.  Dianne Richardson indicated she knew of someone that was interested to support.  Dcn Jim indicated to provide him the name and phone number and he would pass it on.  Dianne has also agreed to assist anyone who needs employment support to include those clients looking for employment assistance through the Hope House. 
  • Spiritual:  Msgr stated that we are in a busy time with Lent.  He reminded us that Stations of the Cross were at 4pm each Friday.  Confessions are being held from 3 to 5pm on Saturdays and also upon request such as after any of the Masses.  This is the year of St. Joseph with his Solemnity Mass on March 19th, 8am.
  • Funeral Dinners and Compassion Meals: Lusica Hankins stated 10 compassion meals were delivered last month. There have been no funeral dinners. Compassion meals will be delivered on the 23rd of this month again.  She and Melodi are currently the only ones doing this ministry. Karen Pither and Katie Thorman volunteered to take a few recipients if the list grew too large for just two to cook. Melodi and Lusica will be meeting with Msgr to determine a manner with adding more recipients in need to the compassion meal list.
  • Budget:  Dcn Jim will be meeting with Kelly to go over the budget on March 17th at 9:30am.
  • Seven Key Ministries and coordinators: 
  • Ministry to Families – Deacon Jim and Lusica Hankins
    • Ministry to the Poor – Deacon Jim and Lusica Hankins
    • Ministry for Protecting Life – Glenda Hinrichs and Theresa Brown
    • Ministry to the Community – Stephanie Koch
    • Ministry of Hospitality and Fellowship – Theresa Brown
    • Ministry to the Oppressed – Vacant
    • Ministry of Health and Well-Being – Jan Metz and Diane Richardson.

Note: Glenda Hinrichs stated that Arrowhead and open for all visitors beginning on Friday, March 12. Msgr. Said that he would be visiting there.

  • Divorce Outreach:  Dcn Jim stated that there have been two meetings regarding this ministry.  On 17 April, Dcn. Turf Martin will be speaking on the two divorce programs that were briefed and approved by the Diocese to determine the best one for Our Lady of the Lake to implement. 
  • Next Meeting Date:  Our next committee meeting will be held on April 8, at 6pm via Zoom.
  • Prayer and Reflection leader for next meeting will be Dianne Richardson.
  • Closing: Pastoral Plan Prayer was led by Katie Thorman and Msgr. Makarewicz provided the  blessing.