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Social Concerns Commission 12 November 2020 Minutes

Social Concerns Commission

Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church, Lake Ozark, Missouri

Thursday, November 12, 2020


Attendees: Jim Hankins, Lusica Hankins, Stephanie Koch, Theresa Brown, Jan Metz, Katie Thorman, Msgr. Makarewicz, Karen Pither, David Gregg, Dr. Laura Nelson, Alu Perez,

Guest – Pat Buschjost

Opening Prayer and Reflection:  Stephanie Koch gave a beautiful prayer and reflection about being thankful. We need to all remember to be grateful to God for all our blessings and though we each have crosses to bear they may they lead us to a clearer vision of our mission here on earth.   

  • Commitment to Mission prayer – All prayed together.
  • Advent Giving Tree update – Pat and Larry Buschjost have done a wonderful job of putting this together for the church. The recipients are:  Hope House gets 101, Ozark Care 5, and Helping Hands 5 for a total of 111 ornaments. The ornaments will be displayed for pickup throughout the entrances/exits of the Church during, 14/15 and 21/22 November.  Volunteers to answer questions at the tables at 5pm Mass on Nov 14/15 are: Theresa Brown, Jan Metz, Karen Pither. On Nov 20th/21st the 5pm volunteers are: David Gregg, Jan Metz, and Alu Perez. Volunteers for Nov 14/15 and Nov 20/21 10am Mass are: Lusica Hankins, Larry and Pat Buschjost. Wrapped presents need to be returned no later than December 6, 2020.  We will have information in the Church Bulletin, website and on Facebook page beginning November 7th.  Monsignor will be giving after Mass announcements regarding the Advent Giving Tree.  Those that are unable to attend Mass can always contact the office with getting an ornament.  
  • Salva vida Outreach – We continue to provide support as needed and requested.  We were able to provide transportation to a gentleman who is unable to drive to Hope House and also able to provide transportation to a lady for a doctor’s appointment. Kelly indicated that 2 blessing bags were provided recently. It was also mentioned that Osage Beach Senior Center provides meals to those in need whether as a drive thru service or delivery. Lisa Hill is the director of the center. They provide meals for $4/meal but if unable to pay no one is turned down. Donations are accepted if someone desires to pay for meals for those in need. Hope House is grateful for our weekly donations. In September 2020, Hope House served 270 families with food and 102 children received school supplies along with gift cards from Wal-Mart for clothes and shoes. During November, each family will receive a Turkey and a ham during December. 
  • Develop an After-Action Report (AAR) of Our Lady of the Lake Disaster Support and Response.  Msgr. Makarewicz stated that this plan has been completed and sent forward to the Diocese. He also stated that we needed to periodically refer to the AAR in order to continue to adjust as needed and not lose focus with aiding and support.
  • Update Parish Rosters:  Msgr. Makarewicz will work with Marilee Poulter and Dcn. Jim on how best to reach out to those that we were unable to contact. Msgr. stated that he would like another round of calls to be made during the Advent/Christmas season to see how everyone is doing.
  • Networking for employment support:  We were able to recruit someone to provide temporary employment to clean the church.  Our goal is to provide a link between those needing employment and those looking for workers in our community.  Theresa Brown stated that Woods was currently hiring in Osage Beach with a benefit of providing discounts on groceries to their workers.
  • Spiritual:  Monsignor Makarewicz said that although there will be no additional events during Advent this year.  We will be able to pick up the “The Word Among Us” at Church with an invitation for us to pray more.  With no Advent Penance Service, Monsignor indicated he would provide additional times for  reconciliation. 
  • Funeral Dinners and Compassion Meals: Lusica Hankins stated no funeral dinners are being held but that compassion meals were being prepared and distributed on 20 Nov 20.
  • Membership:  Dr. Laura Nelson and Alu Perez are our newest commission team members!  Welcome Dr. Nelson and Alu!
  • Budget:  Dcn. Jim stated that budget has been finalized and approved.  Kelly has provided some budget updates that Dcn Jim will input and send out.    
  • Pregnancy Care Center: Lusica Hankins and Theresa Brown stated that 40 ladies are receiving help at the Care Center on an on-going basis. They have a beautiful new facility. They offer many resources such as, parenting, and other classes. They also offer a variety of items that can be taken such as clothing, diapers, wipes, and toys.  These items have been donated. The ladies must earn the items by collecting “mommy bucks”. They get these “mommy bucks” by attending classes and reaching specific goals.
  • Race Relations/Equal Opportunity – Actionable Steps Assisting Catholics with reflecting and responding in Faith to discrimination.  Msgr. Makarewicz met Fr. Michael McAndrew during the diocesan retreat who would be a great speaker on this topic.  Will coordinate Father McAndrews availability to speak on this subject.   
  • Social Concerns’ Leadership in the Parish’s Pastoral Plan: Dcn Jim will provide a copy to the Social Concerns Commission members as well as it being posted on the church website.  Discussed how each of the Commissions Charters has a direct link with supporting each of the four pillars of the Parish’s Pastoral Plan.  Monsignor indicated that one of our Pastoral Plan challenges is especially evident in sustained engagement with our young Spanish-speaking families. A goal then is developing ways to link/interact with our Spanish Speaking families.  A great way is to have a Spanish speaking member on each of the commissions.  With that, we are grateful and blessed that Alu Perez is a member of our commission.   
  • Seven Key Ministries and coordinators: 
  • Ministry to Families – Deacon Jim and Lusica Hankins
  • Ministry to the Poor – Deacon Jim and Lusica Hankins
  • Ministry for Protecting Life – Glenda Henrichs and Theresa Brown
  • Ministry to the Community – Stephanie Koch
  • Ministry of Hospitality and Fellowship – Theresa Brown
  • Ministry to the Oppressed – Vacant
  • Ministry of Health and Well-Being – Jan Metz and Diane Richardson
  • Vice-Chairperson:  We have had a vacancy in the Vice-Chairperson role for quite some time.  As such, we are happy that Stephanie Koch is our Vice-Chairperson or as I like to say, 2IC (Second-in-Charge).  Thank you so much Stephanie for saying yes!
  • Next Meeting Date:  Our next committee meeting will be held on December 10, at 6pm via Zoom. Theresa Brown will be giving the opening prayer and reflection.
  • Closing Prayer:  Pastoral Plan Prayer was prayed by all the Team Members.