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Social Concerns Commission December 2020 Minutes

Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church, Lake Ozark, Missouri, Thursday, December 10, 2020 Minutes

Attendees: Dcn Jim Hankins, Lusica Hankins, Stephanie Koch, Theresa Brown, Jan Metz, Msgr. Makarewicz, Karen Pither, David Gregg, Kerri Brauman, Dianne Richardson

Opening Prayer and Reflection:  Theresa Brown gave a beautiful prayer and reflection. She talked about making a difference in the world and in the lives of those that we encounter.  Theresa additionally read an inspirational article about Chuck Yeager, a pilot who broke the sound barrier, and his life of service to our country.

  • Commitment to Mission prayer – All prayed together.
  • Advent Giving Tree update – Dcn Jim provided an update where Pat and Larry Buschjost have done a wonderful job of putting this together for the church. The recipients were:  Hope House 101, Ozark Care 5, and Helping Hands 5 for a total of 111 ornaments. All of the ornaments were taken and gifts wrapped and returned. Distribution of the gifts begins on 11 Dec from 10am to 2pm out of the St. Theresa Room at Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church.  Pictures of the volunteers were requested and will be forwarded to Kelly.
  • Salva vida Outreach – We continue to provide support as needed and requested.  The challenge here is when calls come in all hours of each day, Msgr takes the calls in which we currently do not have any direct assistance and support for those needing shelter and/or support for rent.  Currently we can provide community information support such as Helping Hands Homeless Shelter and Hope House Food Pantry.  We have screening tools in place and are reaching out to local Churches and Catholic Charities in order to determine the ends, ways and means with supporting/developing a short, near and long-term plans for those that reach-out to the church for assistance. Dcn Jim contacted Catholic Charities and was provided a name of a Pastor in Eldon to contact to determine community assistance for the homeless and those needing assistance for rent. 
  • Update Parish Rosters:  Msgr Makarewicz is currently updating the parish roster and working with Marilee Poulter on this update.  Monsignor’s goal is to have another round of calls to not only check on the parishioners but to also validate the updated roster.  More to follow with providing assistance and support.
  • Networking for employment support: Our goal is to provide a link between those needing employment and those looking for workers in our community.  Theresa Brown stated that Woods was currently hiring in Osage Beach with a benefit of providing discounts on groceries to their workers.
  • Spiritual:  There is currently a nine-day Novena going on for our Lady of Guadalupe. Msgr Makarewicz said he is proud and encouraged by the work of our committee because of the evangelization and reaching out to others going on through the helpful services that have been set up.
  • Funeral Dinners and Compassion Meals: Lusica Hankins stated no funeral dinners are being held but that compassion meals were being prepared and distributed to a couple of families that have experienced recent loss of love ones.
  • Budget:  Dcn Jim sent the budget out in an email and will continue to keep us updated as money is being spent.     
  • Pregnancy Care Center: Lusica Hankins and Theresa Brown gave an update. Clothing items are being given out to those in need. Teresa, the Director of the Center, might be a good resource in the future for finding sources of help for those in need of employment/social security/welfare benefits.
  • Race Relations/Equal Opportunity – Actionable Steps Assisting Catholics with reflecting and responding in Faith to discrimination. Dcn. Jim found a good article on discrimination in regard to our military. He will send it out.
  • Social Concerns’ Leadership in the Parish’s Pastoral Plan: Dcn. Jim stated that in the November 15th bulletin the pastoral plan is mapped out as far all the committees working together towards one mission. 
  • Seven Key Ministries and coordinators: 
  • Ministry to Families – Deacon Jim and Lusica Hankins
    • Ministry to the Poor – Deacon Jim and Lusica Hankins
    • Ministry for Protecting Life – Glenda Hendrichs and Theresa Brown
    • Ministry to the Community – Stephanie Koch
    • Ministry of Hospitality and Fellowship – Theresa Brown
    • Ministry to the Oppressed – Vacant
    • Ministry of Health and Well-Being – Jan Metz and Diane Richardson will start working on a plan of outreach to those in the hospital, nursing homes during this time of Covid-19.
  • Next Meeting Date:  Our next committee meeting will be held on January 14, at 6pm via Zoom. Dianne Richardson will be giving the opening prayer and reflection.
  • Closing Prayer:  Pastoral Plan Prayer was prayed by all the Team Members.