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Social Concerns Commission Minutes – 10 March 2022

Social Concerns Commission

Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church, Lake Ozark, Missouri

Thursday, March 10, 2022


Attendees: Theresa Brown, Dcn, Jim Hankins, Lusica Hankins, Ron Green, Lynne Green, Kerri Brauman, Cathy Cotter, Joe Mayer, Joyce Mayer, Sharon Kanuch, Steve Kanuch, Stephanie Koch, Fr. Medina, Patty McNelly, Karen Pither, Dianne Richardson, Katie Thorman, Susan Spica

  • Opening Prayer and Reflection:  – Dcn Jim Hankins gave an opening prayer and announced that we received a $5000 grant from Catholic Charities.    
  • Commitment to Mission prayer – All pray together.
  • Ministry to Families & Ministry to those In Need (Salva vida Outreach) – Dcn Jim & Lusica

We continue to help those that contact the office for assistance. If you’d like to help with being on call, then please let Dcn. Jim know and we will provide you with the training needed to assist with this. We continue to give out blessing bags.

  • Funeral Dinners, Compassion Meals & Kindness Meals: Lusica stated that in January there were 11 kindness meals, 1 compassion meal. In February, there were 14 kindness meals, 1 compassion meal and 1 funeral dinner which served about 70 people.
  • Ministry of Health and Well Being – Jan Metz and Diane Richardson are calling those in nursing homes. Some of the homes are still limited on visitors.
  • The Pregnancy Care Center is opening a satellite center opening in Versailles. They are taking donations for that center at the Camdenton location. Theresa Brown will contact Kelly in the church office and ask that this get put into the bulletin. Next year’s chili cook-off dinner will be held March 9, 2023. The church will be provided with 50 baby bottles for donations to be taken from May 8th-June 19th.
  • Stephanie Koch reported that the single mom with a 2-year-old child that came in to get gifts in December is doing well. She has a new job at H & R Block.
  • Theresa Brown stated that it was great to see everyone working together at the Fish Fry on March 4th. We served 245 meals.  
  • – Dcn Jim  (
  • Dcn Jim stated that $1,827 was raised for the Pregnancy Care Center. The donation amount given to the Care Center was $2000.
  • Discussion was held regarding donations to those in Ukraine. Monetary donations can be made through the Catholic Charities website. It was discussed sending over medical supplies. However after further review, it’s going to cost too much and we really don’t have a way of confirming the validity of supplies reaching them even if shipped to a location in the US.
  • Prayer Leader for June 9th will be Lusica Hankins
  • Next Meeting Date: June 9, 2022, 6pm in the Fellowship Hall
  • Closing Pastoral Plan Prayer was prayed together.