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Social Concerns Commission Minutes – 8 July 2021

Social Concerns Commission

Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church, Lake Ozark, Missouri

Thursday, July 8, 2021

Attendees: Theresa Brown, Dcn. Jim Hankins, Glenda Hinrichs, Stephanie Koch, Karen Pither, Fr. Medina, David Gregg, Jan Metz

  • Opening Prayer and Reflection:  – Theresa Brown provided the prayer and reflection: Remember you are a child of God and he is your father and is always there for you. Lien on him when needed during times of uncertainty and difficulties.
  • Commitment to Mission prayer – All prayed together.
  • Ministry to Families & Ministry to the Poor (Salva vida Outreach) – Dcn Jim informed Fr. Medina of the gentleman that he takes to Hope House and Wal-Mart on regular basis. We were informed that there is a lady that lives near Stephanie and David that might be in-need, so they were going to reach out to her. We discussed with supporting the Hope House back to school backpack program.  Dcn Jim will contact Jody at Hope House.   
  • Update Parish Rosters:  – Dcn Jim stated that there are still 3 rosters to be returned. Marilee Poulter is in the process of updating the parish database with the information gathered from the last set of calls that were made.
  • Networking for employment support:  Dcn Jim stated that job openings were everywhere and that we now have several sources to use in connecting those in-need of employment with employers in the area. Dianne Richardson has been assisting those in-need in this area.
  • Funeral Dinners, Compassion Meals & Kindness Meals: The week of July 5th, they served 2 compassion meals and 10 kindness meals.
  • Ministry of Health and Well Being – Jan Metz spoke to Mary Scarlott about communion delivery in the nursing homes. We are concerned that the homes might be shut-down soon due to increase in Covid 19 numbers. It was mentioned by Dcn Jim of a parishioner that may need some assistance and requested Jan Metz to call for any assistance needed/required.   
  • Glenda Hinrichs stated that she took 36 baby bottles back to the Pregnancy Care Center. This campaign raised $1,012.87 to date. The Center is focusing on the race/walk for life on October 2, 2021. They are looking for volunteers to assist with this year’s starting being J.J. Twiggs parking lot.   
  • Ministry to the Community (Neighbors In Need Meeting, 29 June 21) – No one from Social Concerns was able to attend this last meeting.  It was noted from their Facebook site that due to lack of support that they are suspending any future Neighbors In Need meetings. 
  • Ministry of Hospitality and Fellowship (Sunday Donuts support)) – The Knights of Columbus have overseen “Sunday Donuts” and requested to discuss at their next meeting with needing any assistance/support from the other committees.
  • Ministry to the Oppressed – (Vacant)
  • Dcn Jim indicated that everyone needs to complete the Diocese Virtus (safe environment) training and to let Dcn Jim know when completed. (
  • Next Meeting Date:  Our next committee meeting will be held on August 12, at 6pm
  • Prayer and Reflection leader for next meeting: Glenda Hinrichs
  • Pastoral Plan Closing Prayer – All prayed together with a blessing from Fr Medina.