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Social Concerns Commission Minutes – 9 June 2022

Attendees: Theresa Brown, Fr. Medina, Dcn Jim Hankins, Tony Baldridge, Diane Richardson

Jackie Hiegert, Bob Hiegert, Sharon Kanuch, Patty McNally, Glenda Hinrichs, Louise Williams,

Lusica Hankins, Katie Thorman, Kerri Braumann, and Karen Pither

  • Opening Prayer and Reflection:  Lusica wanted us to reflect on the words of St. Damian to be gracious to those seen as outcasts or less fortunate. Always be kind to everyone no matter what their shortcomings because Jesus sees everyone as equally important.
  • Commitment to Mission prayer – Everyone prayed together.
  • Ministry to Families & Ministry to the Poor (Salva vida Outreach) – Dcn. Jim spoke about getting people “vetted” so that they are able to assist those in need that come by/call the parish office. Lynne and Ron Green, Pam Scherer, Kari Brauman, Karen Pither, Joe and Joyce Mayer, Jan Metz and Dcn Jim and Lusica, are those already in this group that are supporting those that call Our Lady of the Lake looking for assistance.  We continue to aid those in need that includes since our last meeting in March: rent support for two different families; partial rent for one, childcare for a week and one week stay at a hotel.  Most have a case worker from either Compass Health or MOCA.  Dcn. Jim continues to take four people to the Hope House monthly.
  • Funeral Dinners, Compassion Meals & Kindness Meals: Lusica stated that since March we have had 1 funeral dinner and 3 compassion meals. In March, we provided 13 kindness meals, 10 in April, and 15 in May. Melodie and Lusica were discussing doing Cookies in July for some of the local nursing homes.  They would need bakers and delivery people. More will follow on this as the time gets closer.  The three members for compassion/kindness meals, Lusica, Melodie and Grace provide these meals and deliver at their own expense. It was discussed that we might take up a collection to help cover some of the costs going forward due to the increase in food and gas costs.
  • Ministry of Health and Well Being –Jan Metz and Dianne Richardson continue to call on one lady that is in a local nursing home and confined to a wheelchair. They haven’t visited nursing homes lately due to more Covid cases in the area.  Dcn Jim will contact Kelly and see how many parishioners we have in nursing homes that we can call and/or visit.
  • Father’s Day weekend, June 17-18, is the last weekend to return the baby bottles for the Pregnancy Care Center fundraiser. Glenda will pick up the bottles and take them to the Pregnancy Care Center in Camdenton. Future fundraisers: The 5K run/walk is October 1, 2022. The starting point will again be the JJ Twiggs parking lot. She encouraged the church to get a group together for this event. In addition, the chili cook-off will be March 9, 2023. She also mentioned the changes being discussed right now to Roe vs. Wade decision. If this does get overturned and sent back to the states, then the Pregnancy Care Centers will be needing more assistance than ever. They are excited to be opening a satellite Care Center in Versailles. They need clothing for this Center should anyone wish to donate.  Please call the Pregnancy Care Center for further information to including donating items.   
  • Preparation for the Angel Advent Tree will soon be underway. There were 125 total gifts bought in 2021 with 110 gifts to Hope House and 15 to three nursing homes.. It was discussed increasing this number in 2022 due to demand and the fact that all of the angels were taken during the first weekend. We will keep the Angel tags the same for next year. In addition, we will continue to use tables to display them since it is easier for people to pick them up as opposed to hanging the tags on a Christmas tree.
  • Website: After you’ve completed the training, please contact Dcn. Jim so that he can pass your name along to Kelly. It takes about one hour to complete the course.
  • Dcn. Jim said there have been several people requesting that we do a directory. It was discussed that instead of having a photographer come in that we should have parishioners upload/scan pictures of themselves to the website along with their contact information. No one is going to be pressured into doing this. It is simply going to be available for those that wish to participate. We need someone to head this committee. If you know of someone that is good on the computer that could lead this, please contact Dcn. Jim.  If we do this, Dcn. Jim will get a computer set-up in the Social Concerns Room to assist people after Mass in getting their information uploaded.
  • Sharon led a discussion regarding the need for school supplies for the backpacks given out at Hope House. This will put in the church bulletin. We will be collecting these at the Church entrances.  The backpacks will start to be given out on July 25th from the Hope House. These backpacks provide school supplies to each specific grade. Dcn Jim requested if we could get some additional Blessing Boxes from the Hope House where Sharon indicated that we could.
  • Next Meeting Date:  Our next committee meeting will be held on Thursday, August 11th at 6pm. We have decided to start meeting every other month. Any item of necessity between meetings can be communicated through email. If you do not want your email or phone number shared with the group, please let Dcn. Jim know as soon as possible.  
  • Prayer and Reflection leader for next meeting: Glenda Hinrichs
  • Closing Pastoral Plan Prayer was prayed by all.