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Social Concerns Commission Minutes, Oct. 13, 2022

Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church, Lake Ozark, Missouri

Thursday, October 13, 2022


Attendees: Theresa Brown, Dcn Jim Hankins, Sharon Kanuch, Patty McNally, Lusica Hankins, Sharon Konuch, Lynne Green, Ron Green, Jackie Hiegert, Louise Williams, Mary Ann Johnson, and Pam Scherer

  • Opening Prayer and Reflection:  Dcn Jim asked the questions: Are we saved or do we know Jesus? St James wrote that a faith without works is dead. We need to practice our faith through the works that we do on a regular basis. We need to be a Christian example for others to follow.  
  • Commitment to Mission prayer – Everyone prayed together.
  • Our Lady of the Lake Parish Directory: Kate Wright, owner of Wright Studios in Camdenton, came and spoke to us regarding a pictorial directory. Kate stated that pictures are about making connections. If we use her studio, the church is responsible with not only getting scheduling but also with having someone there to check them in and going over and updating their information for the Church roster.   Kate stated she would take the pictures, allow parishioner to look over and retack if necessary.  She would provide each family with a free 8×10 with overing a cost for any additional 8X10 to include a cost for a sheet that would include 2 – 5X7 photos or 4 – 4X5 photos. We would be placing the orders the same time the pictures are taken. We can also provide pictures of any organizations and/or action shots that we would want included.  A vendor would then be contracted with to assemble the directory. Kate utilizes one out of St. Louis that is very good. We would then decide on the type of directory (spiral bound or hard bound covers) and the lay-out of the pictures. Spiral directories cost could cost between $7-$10 depending on updated material/labor.  Kate was also going to check on an on-line access.  Kate also indicated that it would be helpful to have an approximate count of those wanting a physical directory.  Dcn Jim indicated that he appreciated Kate coming and discussing this with us and that he would need to back-brief Father Penn and provide any updates/follow-on questions.
  • Ministry to Families & Ministry to those in Need: (Salva vida Outreach)—Dcn. Jim stated 8 requests have been received. We supported 4 of them: Rent assistance of $500, car repairs of $590, a utility bill of $262-, and one-night’s stay at the Days Inn.
  • Funeral Dinners, Compassion Meals & Kindness Meals: Lusica stated that since August we have had no funeral dinners. We have had 2 Compassion Meals and 3 Kindness Meals. Grace Thies has done an outstanding job over the years and is stepping down.  Lusica indicated that she needed volunteers to assist with the Kindness Meals monthly.  Theresa Brown has offered to help with the cooking.
  • Ministry of Health and Well Being –Jan Metz and Dianne Richardson continue to call on those in-need.
  • Theresa Brown stated that the 5K was a huge success. There was over 150 walkers and it raised over $17,000.  The baby bottles have now raised $2,164.13. The chili cook-off will be March 9, 2023. They will be asking for volunteers for it soon.
  • Preparation for the Advent Angel Tree will soon be underway. Sharon Konuch had sent out an email stating that Kiwanis Club was unable to assist with gifts this year. Last year, they took 150 names. Given this fact, we discussed to increase our number of gifts to Hope House from 125 to 150. Theresa Brown made the motion to increase the number of gifts given to Hope House and it was seconded.  As such, there will be 165 angels with 150 from Hope House with 5 to Helping Hands, 5 to Ozark Rehab, and 5 to Lakeside Meadows.  We will keep the Angel tags the same for this year as in 2021.  Stephanie Koch is the committee chair with Patty McNally being the co-chair.  In addition, we will continue to use tables to display since it is easier for people to pick them up as opposed to hanging the tags on a Christmas tree. Announcements will be put in the bulletin and on the church website/Facebook by November 6th. We will meet as a group on November 10th to get the angels assembled. The tables will be out for the November 12/13 masses and November 19/20 masses. Gifts are to be returned by December 4th with pick up on December 9th from 10-2pm.
  • Donuts are now available after the Sunday Masses once a month.
  • Website: After you’ve completed the training, please contact Dcn. Jim so that he can pass your name along to Vicki Irsik who is the Virtus Training Point of Contact for Our Lady of the Lake.  It takes about one hour to complete the course.
  • Next Meeting Date:  Our next committee meeting will be held on Thursday, November 10th at 6pm.
  • Prayer and Reflection leader for next meeting: Pam Scherer
  • Closing Pastoral Plan Prayer was prayed by all.