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Social Concerns Commission Minutes

Social Concerns Commission

Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church, Lake Ozark, Missouri

Thursday, May 9, 2024


Attendees: Dcn. Jim Hankins, Lusica Hankins, Bob & Jackie Heigert, Patty McNally; Theresa Brown, Stephanie Koch, Karen Pither, Glenda Henrichs.

1. Opening Prayer and ReflectionDcn. Jim read a reflection on helping others in need, especially those without a voice

2. Commitment to Mission prayer – Everyone prayed together. 

3. Our Lady of the Lake Parish Directory:  There are only a few directories remaining to distribute to those that had their picture taken or sent in a picture.  We ordered additional directories that are now for sale at the front office for $15 each. New parishioners registered to Our Lady of the Lake will receive a directory at no charge.

4. Social Concerns Budget July 1, 2024-June 30, 2025: The budget is as follows: Charities/Hope House- $4,000 ($1000/quarter): Community Assistance (Salva Vida) – $10,000; Advertising – $200; Trivia Night – $3,000; New Parishioners Welcome & Wednesday Sewing Group – $2,000; Funeral Support &Advent Giving Tree Support – $1,800. Total budget – $21,000. 

5. Ministry to Families & Ministry to those in Need: (Salva vida Outreach)—We continue to experience increased needs within our community.  During the past two months we aided two that included care repair and electricity support.  Shout out goes to Joan and Kelly in the office who provide the first line of compassion and vetting of those that call the church with requesting support.  With that, we also receive referrals from Compass Health who have come to rely on Our Lady of the Lake when they are unable to support.  Speaks volumes with Our Lady of the Lake becoming a center of charity within our great community.

6. Social Concerns Commission Charter Draft: Request was initiated from the Parish Council to update our Charter.  The draft was forwarded to Linda Adams, Parish Council Chair and finally being forward to Father Penn for his approval. 

7. Funeral Dinners, Compassion Meals & Kindness Meals: Dcn. Jim stated we provided 20Kindness Meals along with five Compassion Meals during the past two months.  No funeral dinners were requested.

8. Ministry of Health and Well Being – Home visits continue to be made by members of our group and are very much appreciated.  Those supporting this great ministry are Jan Metz, Diane Richardson, Glenda Hinrichs, Jeannie Freeman, Ann Wallace, and John Akscin.

9. Ministry for Protecting Life (Pregnancy Health Center): Theresa Brown mentioned the baby bottle campaign that will run from May 11 (Mother’s Day) – June 15 (Father’s Day). We have 100 bottles this year. 

10. Ministry to the Community/Advent Angel Tree: In 2024, we will provide support for 175children/seniors to include 160 to the Hope House, ten to Lake Side Meadows-Stonebridge; ten to Lake Ozark Rehab; and five to Helping Hands. Timeline: September 30-October 18th, Hope House collecting names; November 7th – Assemble Angels; November 9/10 and November 16/17- distribute angels at church; December 1st – All wrapped gifts returned to church; December 5th – Distribute Gifts. 

11. Ministry of Hospitality and Fellowship:  Stewardship Commission is in the process of gathering/updating information from all the commissions within the church that will be distributed to not only new parish members but also available within Fellowship Hall.  Social Concerns Commission will again host a welcome event for all new members of Our Lady of the Lake in October 2024.

12. Virtus (safe environment) Training:  Website: After you have completed the training, please contact Dcn. Jim so that he can pass your name to the Virtus Training Point of Contact for Our Lady of the Lake.  It takes about two hours to complete the course. 

13. Next Meeting Date:  Next meeting will be August 8, 2024.  Prayer leader is Glenda Henrichs. 

14. Closing Pastoral Plan Prayer was prayed by all