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Social Concerns Commission Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church, Lake Ozark, Missouri Thursday, 9 July 2020, 6 pm Minutes

Participants:  Glenda Hendrichs, Theresa Brown, Kari Brauman, Dcn Jim Hankins, Lusica Hankins, Msgr Makarewicz, Stephanie Koch, Debbie Noland, Dianne Richardson, Jan Metz                                  

  1. Opening Prayer:  Beautiful Prayer said by Dianne Richardson.  
  • Reflection: Beautiful reflection given by Dianne Richardson.  The reflection reminded us that we are alive for specific purposes. Msgr. Makarewicz stated that we need to remember works of mercy are important but not all that’s necessary. We are called to specific purposes during different times in our lives.
  • Parish Gift Kiosk update:  Total cost was $1,897.12. We ended up using a different company for the purchase because other company was non-responsive. Tracy King from De Sales in Springfield is very willing to help with inventory. We will have a page on the church website to display our items for sale to include reaching out to the parish community with those that have retail sales background that could not only support but become actively engages with the Social Concerns Commission.
  • Intermediate Planning for the Parish: 
    • St. Teresa and St. Damien Rooms – Nothing to report.    
    • Blessing bags – $10 in cash was put in the bin with items for the bags. This will be used to purchase items.
    • Continue support to the Parish and community.  Standard Operating Operation Procedures status – currently working on scripts/responses to specific situations that would include expressing concern with assistance along with support based on situation/requested need.
    • Develop an After-Action Report of Our Lady of the Lake Disaster Support   and Response.  Msgr. Makarewicz has this and will respond.
  • Outreach phone calls:  assessment and data entry corrections are going to be made by office staff due to confidentiality with addresses/phone numbers etc.  Currently the staff is actively engaged with on-going pressing tasks in which this update will be accomplished when time permits.   
  • Networking for employment support:  Support with cleaning the upholstery of the chairs in the Fellowship Hall and blue upholstered chairs in the Church, classrooms, wiping off all the tables and scrubbing the chairs down is needed. Deacon Jim Hankins and Kari Brauman will work on the development of a list of tasks to be completed, along with estimated timeframes for completion of each task to include a wage per hour or costing per task. 
  • Spiritual:   The 8AM Mass was held over July 4th weekend to support an anticipated influx of participants.  Due to the quick turn-around of thoroughly sanitizing/cleaning the Church for the 1000 AM Mass, the 8AM will be suspended until further notice.  The 5pm and 10AM Masses will continue as normal.   
  • Funeral Dinners and Compassion Meals:  Melodi continues to deliver compassion meals and funeral dinners with restrictions.  Need to consider and establish protocols with distributing any food/snacks/handouts at Church that would involve the use of any of our facilities.
  • Persistent Needs:  Bishop McKnight has indicated that a pillar of each parish pastoral plan is to become and be a center of charity and mercy.  We continue to move forward and strive for this plan of action. 
  1. Membership – Through the parish kiosk and the public assistance rooms, other members of the parish may recognize the work being done by the Social Concerns Commission and want to join in and help.  With that, we can also look at organizations such as the Knights of Columbus, Lady Knights and Commissions, as groups we can reach out to help when a parishioner and/or someone requests assistance. We could help someone move or fix an item within/outside the house.  We have those with these skill sets that could volunteer their time/talent to support in which we, as a family and organizations/commissions working together, can support.   A name for this support could be “Salva Vida” – Life Saver.  An idea that we can discuss and refine.  Monsignor Makarewicz indicated that we need to get the word out with this type of support.
  1. Pregnancy Care Center:  The baby bottle fundraiser of 50 bottles were distributed over 20/21 June at 5pm and 10AM masses.  All but one bottle was distributed.  Appreciate the assistance of all those that helped. The bottles should be returned over the weekend of 25/26 July with being placed in the pink box at the main entrance of the Church. Two bottles have already been returned. Deacon Jim indicated that he would go with Glenda Hendrichs to the Pregnancy Care Center to return the bottles.    
  1. FYI Budget:  Draft budget provided to Kelly on 22 June.  Mirrors last year’s budget where we can discuss and adjust support as needed/required.  We additionally held a special collection in Dec 2019 to support the needs of the community and collected $8,000.  With these funds we are able to donate to organizations that support the needs of the community, rental assistance, utility assistance, etc. 
  1. . Bishop McKnight requested priests to preach about racism and to incorporate it with their homilies.  United Sates Conference of Catholic Bishops is concerned with the suffering of those within the society of Christ.  From the Church’s point of view, we must be able to know and act with regards to racial tension.  Particularly challenging in which Bishop McKnight would not have asked if it was not important.  We are one church and one body of Christians. The inequality is what needs to be focused on instead of the destruction of property. People first and objects second. As such, what can we as a parish?  Discussed bi-lingual masses that would unite all members of our church vs. having Spanish masses separately.  And, overtime, parishioners would embrace each other in the sacrifice of the Mass.  We discussed the formation of an action plan to get others in the parish engaged with this issue to include having speakers to discuss and guide us.   
  1. Next Meeting DateOur next committee meeting will be held on 13 Aug 20 at 6pm via Zoom. 
  2. Closing prayer:  Closing prayer was said by Dianne Richardson