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Social Concerns Commission Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church, Lake Ozark, MO August 13, 2020


  1. Participants: Msgr. Makarewicz, Deacon Jim Hankins, Theresa Brown, and Jan Metz   
  2. Opening Prayer: Opening prayer was said by Lusica Hankins.
  3. Reflection: Lusica Hankins discussed the importance of St. Joseph, and the message of being supportive of others. He could have turned down the responsibility of being the head of the holy family but he embraced it as a calling from God. 
  4. Parish Gift Kiosk update:  The kiosk has been ordered and we are now turning over the future responsibilities of carrying this out to the Worship Commission. Debbie Noland and Stephanie Kochwill still oversee this project. 
  5. Intermediate Planning for the Parish:  
    • St. Teresa and St. Damien Rooms – Msgr. Makarewicz, Vicki, and Deacon Jim discussed movement of PSR furniture and furniture required. Looking to move the big desk in that is currently in the 1st and 2nd grade classroom.   
    • Blessing bags – Msgr. Makarewicz was able to provide one blessing bag along with a fuel card to someone in need. 
    • Continue support to the Parish and community. Standard Operating Operation Procedures (SOP) scripts completed.  Will provide to Social Concerns Commission for their situational awareness (SA) and future use.  Will have a binder along with sign-in sheets for those requesting support. Msgr. was able to help Helping Hands obtain $5,000 from Catholic Charities. 
    • Develop an After-Action Report of Our Lady of the Lake Disaster Support  and Response. On-going.
  6. Outreach phone calls:  Assessment and data entry corrections are being made by the office staff.
  7. Networking for employment support:  Deacon Jim Hankins and Kari Brauman developed list of tasks to be completed, estimated timeframes for completion of each task to include a wage per hour and total costing per task.  
  8. Spiritual: The 8AM Sunday suspended until further notice.  The 5PM and 10AM Masses continue as normal.
  9. Funeral Dinners and Compassion Meals: Store bought and frozen items are being purchased for funeral dinners and compassion meals. No homemade items are being brought in at this time. Individuals have been supplying items while the parish has been purchasing the main dish items (meats) for funeral dinners. Compassion meals are being delivered during this time. In July, they delivered 16 meals.
  10. Persistent Needs: Bishop McKnight has indicated that a pillar of each parish pastoral plan is to become and be a center of charity and mercy.  We continue to move forward and strive for this plan of action.  
  11. Membership:  Through the parish kiosk and the public assistance rooms, other members of the parish may recognize the work being done by the Social Concerns Commission and want to join in and help. We are actively searching for someone in our Spanish community to be on the committee. 
  12. Pregnancy Care Center:  The baby bottle fundraiser was collected during the weekend of July 25/26 with 25 bottles being returned.  Glenda and Vicki attended a dinner at the Pregnancy Center’s new building on Thursday, August 13.  Msgr. Makarewicz and Nadine talked about involving young people in our church in the Care Center. 
  13. FYI Budget:  Deacon Jim indicated that the budget should be approved soon. 
  14. Race Relations/Equal Opportunity – Actionable Steps Assisting Catholics with reflecting and responding in Faith to racism.  We are one church and one body of Christians and must know and act with regards to any racial prejudice injustice. We discussed getting in speakers that might assist us in how to best deal with this issue. We will also be reaching out to the diocese for assistance. 
  15. Social Concerns’ Leadership in the Parish’s Pastoral Plan: The Social Concerns Commission under the leadership of Deacon Jim Hankins will take the lead in our parish’s growth as a center of mercy and charity. Jan Metz offered to meet with Msgr. to talk about a plan to reach out to the homebound in our community to see if assistance is needed. Msgr. also mentioned that this would help him to determine those in need of Communion or Anointing.  
  16. Next Meeting Date:  Our next committee meeting will be held on September 10th at 6pm via Zoom.  Jan Metz will lead the open/closing prayers as well as the reflection.
  17. Closing prayer:  Closing prayer was given by Lusica Hankins with a blessing by Msgr. Makarewicz.