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Social Concerns Commission Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church, Lake Ozark, MO September 10, 2020


  1. Attendees: Theresa Brown, Stephanie Koch, Glenda Hendrichs, Jan Metz, Msgr. Makarewicz, Dcn Jim Hankins, Lusica Hankins, Karen Pither, Debbie Noland, Katie Thorman
  2. Opening Prayer and Reflection:  Jan Metz provided our reflection and opening prayer. “Walking Hand in Hand with Christ.” We need to remember even through the difficulties in life that he loves us so great that he laid down his life for each of us.
  3. Parish Gift Kiosk update: The cabinet was sent back because it was not only damaged but also not going to serve the purpose that we are looking for. We have a couple of people in mind that might be able to make a cabinet for us to include Phil Seidle and Dave Berry.  Will also check with Tony Otto since he might be able to point us in the right direction for support. Msgr. Marakwicz is following up on this possibility. We are going to turn this responsibility over to the Worship Commission since this fallsin their lane to support.  Stephanie Koch and Debbie Noland will be working with them for stockage and operation.
  4. St. Teresa and St. Damien Rooms/Parish Outreach – These rooms are getting closer to being fully furnished with the furniture needed to serve our community members that are in need. We have cabinet space now for blessing bags, cleaning items, food, etc…We will be asking for volunteers to serve “on call” and provide them with the tools/information needed to help those coming in looking for resources.  It was mentioned that the Elks will provide cash stipends for rent and such. 
  5. Salvavida Outreach – Deacon Jim received a call from Catholic Charities that a gentleman was looking for some assistance in our area. We were able to get him to Hope House and he was able to get several items. He is interested in coming to church at some point even though he is not Catholic. 
  6. Develop an After-Action Report of Our Lady of the Lake Disaster Support and Response. This has been completed and will be sent to each commission for review and input as needed.
  7. Update Parish Rosters:  This is an ongoing project that the parish staff is working on.  Msgr indicated that a newly formed Stewardship Commission in three weeks could provide assistanceand support.
  8. Networking for employment support:  Kari and Deacon Jim have been working on this together to establish specifics of timeframes for jobs that need to be completed. Dcn Jim will coordinate with Kelly when a good time frame to post in the bulletin, Facebook or website for support.
  9. Spiritual: We need to continue to work on plans of outreach to our community. By doing this, we will become a resource of information/services with fulfilling physical and spiritual needs in our community. Discussed the fact that we need to get a list of families/individuals in need of items at Christmas this year through the OLL Giving Tee. Jan Metz is going to be contacting nursing homes in the area for possibilities of support.  Dcn Jim is going to meet with Larry and Pat Buschjost, who have been the POCs for the Giving Tree since 2018 for coordination and support for 2020.
  10. Funeral Dinners and Compassion Meals: Lusica Hankins said that 12 compassion meals were delivered last month, no funeral dinners. We can make homemade items again for the meals and dinners. Melani Graessle will send out an email to those on the committee regarding the guidelines that must be followed. 
  11. Membership:  Karen Pither is our newest committee member. Welcome Karen! 
  12. Pregnancy Care Center:  Glenda Hendrichs gave a report on the Pregnancy Care Center. We have 33 bottles returned so far with funds raised of $588. They are having a 5K run on October 3, 2020 at 9am beginning at Sergio’s in Lake Ozark. Registration for this walk is $20 online or $25 in person the day of the race. They have a new facility that is marvelous. They are having an open house on October 17th. Glenda mentioned that Scott Klusendorf has videos out of how-to best answer questions regarding protecting life. Many volunteer opportunities are available with the Pregnancy Care Center that need to be filled. For a listing of these opportunities please visit their website, or call them at 573-346-3337. 
  13. FYI Budget:  The budget has been approved. Deacon Jim will send out a copy of it to us. 
  14. Race Relations/Equal Opportunity – Actionable Steps Assisting Catholics with reflecting and responding in Faith to racism. We are still looking for resources to best address the issue of racism. We will reach out to the Diocese of Jefferson, City for any assistance and support.  An area to also consider is the Diocese of St. Louis.   
  15. Social Concerns’ Leadership in the Parish’s Pastoral Plan: Msgr. Makarewicz sent this plan out. It will be published in the bulletin and will be put in a pamphlet format and given out. He is also developing a Mission Statement to include a prayer to go along with this plan.
  16. Seven Key Ministries and coordinators:
    Ministry to Families – Deacon Jim and Lusica Hankins.
    Ministry to the Poor – Deacon Jim and Lusica Hankins.
    Ministry for Protecting Life – Glenda Hendrichs
    Ministry to the Community – Vacante. 
    Ministry of Hospitality and Fellowship – Theresa Brown
    Ministry to the Oppressed – Vacant
  17. Ministry of Health and Well-Being – Jan Metz and Diane Richardson16. 
  18. Next Meeting Date:  Our next committee meeting will be held on October 8, at 6pm via Zoom. Prayer Leader will Glenda Hendrichs. 
  19. Closing prayer was given by Jan Metz with a blessing by Msgr. Makarewicz.