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Social Concerns Minutes, 11 Feb 2021

Social Concerns

Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church, Lake Ozark, Missouri

Thursday, February 11, 2021


Attendees: Glenda Hinrichs, Theresa Brown, Msgr. Makarwicz, Dcn. Jim Hankins, Lusica Hankins, Stephanie Koch, Katie Thorman, Kerri Brauman, Dr. Laura Nelson, David Gregg, Jan Metz

  • Opening Prayer and Reflection:  Kerri Brauman gave a beautiful prayer. We need to always thank God for the blessings that we have been given. An accomplishment that has been earned is even a blessing from God. Ask yourself: What do you possess that you have not received? How do you use your blessings for the common good? And what steps should I be taking next in my life to use my gifts/talents?
  • Commitment to Mission prayer:  Prayed by everyone.
  • Salva vida Outreach:  We continue to work on a plan to assist those in need. Dcn. Jim stated that perhaps in the future, once the church receives a call for assistance, where we can reach out to a committee member to contact this individual and determine their needs to perhaps include a ride to Church/medical appointments, getting prescriptions/food, etc.  There is also an opportunity to build a long-term relationship with providing support.  and this way, we can establish a lasting connection.  Dcn Jim provides transportation assistance to one gentleman where they have developed a long-term relationship for assistance and support.  Glenda mentioned that she had noticed several walking in the cold with groceries lately and they gave a gentleman a ride. Dcn. Jim indicated that one must use caution when picking someone up for their own safety.  More blessing bags are being put together on Friday, February 12th around 1:30. We received a $50 donation to go towards those items. David Gregg brought up that on Facebook a group has been formed to look at homeless at the lake: Lake of the Ozarks Coalition to end homelessness. They are meeting at The Tree, 826 N Bus 5 Hwy, Camdenton, Mo on February 23 at 6:30pm.
  • Update Parish Rosters: Msgr Makarewicz stated these calls would be put together soon. Dcn Jim is working a script for the calls. He is also putting together a questionnaire to fill out while on the call. This will allow for consistency and to make sure that all subjects are covered: are they enjoying mass being available via video, are they in need of compassion meals, or do they have transportation needs.
  • Networking for employment support: Dcn. Jim stated that Dianne Richardson did a great job of putting together a list of employment resources. We will have this list in each of our blessing bags that are given out.
  • Spiritual: We are heading into the Lenten season. The Mass times for Ash Wednesday are: 8am, 12pm, and 7pm.  This year we will not be having ashes placed on our foreheads but rather ashes will be blessed by Msgr. one time and ashes sprinkled on our heads. Stations of the Cross will be at 4pm every Friday. There will be no group penance service where penance service will be offered from 3 to 5pm each Saturday. Msgr. reminded everyone that Lent is about sacrifice through service to those in need and Fasting and that March 19 is the Consecration of St Joseph. 
  • Funeral Dinners and Compassion Meals: Lusica Hankins stated that there was one funeral dinner served this past week to 15 people and all went very well.  Compassion meals continues to serve about 13 per month. 
  • Budget: Dcn. Jim stated that there were no updates at this time.
  • Pregnancy Care Center: Glenda Hinrichs stated that the Pregnancy Care Center had posted a flyer regarding their sponsorship levels for their 5K race on October 7, 2021. The flyer will be emailed to the social concerns mission members by Theresa Brown when she sends out the minutes so we can discuss level of support at our next meeting, 11 March 2021.
  • Race Relations/Equal Opportunity – Actionable Steps Assisting Catholics with reflecting and responding in Faith to discrimination:  There are no updates at this time.
  • Social Concerns’ Leadership in the Parish’s Pastoral Plan:  Dcn. Jim stated that if you do not have a copy of this plan to please email him.  We are among seven parishes in the diocese to assist in the roll out of this plan. February 25 at 4pm a meeting with regards to Stewardship will meet and determine the start-up and way ahead for this Commission.  
  • Seven Key Ministries and coordinators: 
    • Ministry to Families – Deacon Jim and Lusica Hankins
    • Ministry to the Poor – Deacon Jim and Lusica Hankins
    • Ministry for Protecting Life – Glenda Hinrichs and Theresa Brown
    • Ministry to the Community – Stephanie Koch
    • Ministry of Hospitality and Fellowship – Theresa Brown.  There are currently eight parishioners that due to lack of communication, e.g. no cell phone and or computer, need weekly contact to not only check on them but to also provide any Parish happenings/information.
    • Ministry to the Oppressed – Vacant
    • Ministry of Health and Well-Being – Jan Metz and Diane Richardson.  Will start working on a plan of outreach to those in the hospital, nursing homes during this time of Covid-19.  Jan was asked to determine the parishioners by name that are located in the local nursing home/car facilities. 
  • Divorce Outreach: There was discussion regarding forming a divorce outreach to help those that have gone through or are going through divorce that deal with many issues to include returning to the Sacraments and/or going through the annulment process.
  • Next Meeting Date:  Our next committee meeting will be held on March 11, at 6pm via Zoom.
  • Prayer and Reflection leader for next meeting:  Katie Thorman
  • Closing Pastoral Plan Prayer was prayed by everyone.