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Social Concerns Minutes – August 12, 2021

Social Concerns Commission.
Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church
Lake Ozark, Missouri
Thursday, August 12, 2021

Attendees: Theresa Brown, Fr. Medina, Glenda Hinrichs, Stephanie Koch, Jan Metz, Dianne Richardson, Kerri Braumann 

1. Opening Prayer and Reflection:  – Glenda Hinrichs gave a beautiful prayer about remembering our vision as a person of God. We must remember that we can always proclaim your faith and pray even in times of isolation. Prayers meet urgent needs and serve a purpose. 

2. Commitment to Mission prayer – Everyone prayed together. 

3. Ministry to Families & Ministry to the Poor (Salva vida Outreach) – Dcn Jim & Lusica

a. We provided a $25 check for an individual moving into an apartment. The apartment complex requested a certified check to conduct a background check and indicated they would take an Our Lady of the Lake check.  

b. A homeless person called church and needed assistance until her paycheck in three weeks.  Returned call to come by church for Blessing Bags or to Hope House for assistance.

c. We provided assistance to homeless man along with brother and wife living out of a car after 10:00 mass on August 1, 2021. He was requesting a gas card but was unable to support since they are secured in the office area.  Provided two Blessing Bags and directed him to go by Hope House on Monday, August 2, 2021.

​d. We continue to provide transportation for individuals to/from Hope House monthly.

​e. Glenda Hinrichs provided ride to a woman and child from Hope House who was requesting assistance.

​f. Kerri Braumann purchased shoes and a Woods gift card for a woman and her 5 children. 

g. Kerri Braumann mentioned lady in need of home health services. She has Parkinsons. Glenda Henrichs has phone number for a support group for those with Parkinsons and is providing it to Kerri to pass along. 

4. Update Parish Rosters: Currently we have one remaining notebook out that Dianne Richardson is working on completing her calls this week.

5. Networking for employment support: Job openings everywhere. 

6. Funeral Dinners, Compassion Meals & Kindness Meals:Lusica – 10 kindness meals; 1 compassion meal;  1 meal was offered to parishioner whose child is in the hospital and parishioner declined; from the phone calls we have made to parishioners – several were thought to be good candidates for kindness meals.  Asked and all said they were fine.  If anyone knows of someone who would be a good candidate for a monthly kindness meal, please pass name on to Father Medina, Melodi or Lusica.

7. Ministry of Health and Well Being – Jan Metz stated that she went to Arrowhead and gave out communion but now the home has been shut down again. Jan is contacting the activities director at Lakeside and Arrowhead to see if they can assist the Catholic residents with watching Mass at least once per week. 

8. Ministry for Protecting Life (Pregnancy Care Center): Glenda Hinrichs reported that the t-shirts are now out for the October 2, 2021 walk/run. We received 2 free shirts and giving those to Dcn. Jim and Lusica Hankins since they are walking that day. Registration will be from 8:00 to 8:30. The walk/run begins at 9:00am from the J.J. Twiggs parking lot. Additionally, “Heart to Heart” is a support group for those dealing with past abortions. Teresa from the Pregnancy Care Center has the name and phone numbers of 3 women who can counsel those dealing with the pain, loneliness, and guilt from having an abortion.  

9. Ministry to the Community – Stephanie Koch—Noting to report.  

10. Ministry of Hospitality and Fellowship (Sunday Donuts support) – Theresa Brown procured the prices of donuts from the Donut Palace in Eldon. However, we would have to pick up those donuts each Sunday. There is a new donut shop opening in August in the old Risky’s strip mall in Osage Beach. Karen Blevins is on the tasting committee for them and will let us know if this will be an option for the church.  More to follow.

11. Virtus (safe environment) Training:  Website: for those that still need to complete this training. It takes about one hour. 

12. Next Meeting Date:  Our next committee meeting will be held on September 9, at 6pm 

13. Prayer and Reflection leader for next meeting: Stephanie Koch

14. Closing Pastoral Plan Prayer was prayed by all.