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Social Concerns Minutes, October 14, 2021





Participating – Glenda Hinrichs, Dr. Laura Nelson, Stephanie Koch, Father Medina, Jan Metz, Dianne Richardson, Katie Thorman, Patty McNally, Lusica Hankins, Dcn Jim Hankins

1. Opening prayer and Reflection – Dcn Jim provided some sayings from Mother Theresa that supports our mission with helping others in need and seeing Jesus in all that we encounter.  “If not you – Who?  If not today – When?”

2.  Commitment to Mission Prayer – all prayed together

3.  Ministry to Families & Ministry to those in Need:

            a.  Dcn Jim provided an update with helping and supporting those in need since our last meeting that included assisting one with rent, another with monetary support for a background check, another with an apartment down-payment support along with providing gas cards and assisting with a parishioners move from a home to an apartment.

            b.  Trivia night – was informed that Trivia Night came under the umbrella of Social Concerns Commission in which there is already an existing committee.  Updated Father Medina and indicated that we would start planning for the first Saturday in February 2022, 5 February, and back-brief Father Medina on the plan of attack.

            c. Received an email from a parishioner who became aware through a parishioner’s daughter who is a fourth-grade teacher at Osage that there is a family with two children in dire need of low-income housing.  Asked if anyone had any information in which Patty McNally indicated that she would investigate and get back with us.  Post meeting the following day, Patty indicated that she found several in the Lake Ozark area and provided me with this information.  I was also able to network and find some low-income housing in Lake Ozark, Camdenton and Eldon that was passed on.

4.  Funeral Dinners, Compassion Meals and Kindness Meals – Lusica reported that there were 11 kindness meals and one compassion meal this past month.

5.  Ministry for Protecting Life – Glenda reported that the Annual 5K run was another success with a great turn-out despite the rain.  Instead of a “bounce house” for children, they were allowed to run their own short course which was a great success.  There will be an open house at the Pregnancy Help Center in Camdenton on 23 Oct from 1000 – 1300 (1pm).  Reliance for Life will be having a seminar, “Just Breath” with a dinner and guest speaker that is supporting the Pregnancy Help Center.  Dinner and speaker is 14 November at 1730 (5:30pm).

6.  Ministry to the Community – Dcn Jim updated this year’s Advent Tree support of 125 gifts to include 110 to Hope House; 5 x Helping Hands; 5 x Ozark Rehab; 5 x Lake Side Meadows.  Sheets are to be returned NLT 29 Oct where we will begin to prepare the ornaments for distribution at Church.  Stephanie came up with a plan to use the 11 November meeting to gather and support putting the ornaments together before the meeting at 1700 (5pm).

7.  Ministry of Hospitality and Fellowship – Theresa was on vacation. Dcn Jim provided an update on Donut Sunday’s that are still in discussions with when to begin and the person who is overall in charge.  Plan is to have each group and/or commission oversee one Sunday per month that would begin after the Knights of Columbus Breakfasts are completed for the year.  The last KoC breakfast for this year is 7 Nov.  More to follow.

8.  Hope House needs to the Community – Katie indicated that the Hope House provides assistance during the week – M/W/F from 0900 – 1245.  With that, there are always those that need assistance and support outside these times.  As such, the Hope House board has indicated that they will provide boxes of non-perishable food items to several Churches in the area to include OLOL that will receive six boxes with a can opener in each box that can be replenished on demand. Appreciate the assistance and support Hope House provides to our community.

9.  Women’s Get Together was brought up by Glenda who indicated that this was a monthly gathering that used to take place for fellowship and spiritual ship.  All thought it would be a great idea to start this up again where Lusica and Glenda indicated they would support and be the POC’s.

10.  Volunteer Coordinator was discussed by Lusica.  Lusica indicated that some had approached her with an interest with volunteering at the Church but indicated but had not received any feedback or calls as to where they could volunteer.  Lusica indicated that many times this is due to “drive-by” requests versus a formal request to include the increased operational tempo of the front office during Father Medina’s arrival.    Lusica indicated she would be the POC and coordinate with the front office of those who request to volunteer in the different commissions/ministries.  Father Medina indicated he would follow-up with office personnel.      

11.  Glenda also brought up the prayers, fasting, and sending a rose to Nancy Pelosi for a change of heart on abortion.  You can look up online and read the “Rose and Rosary for Nancy” campaign. 

12.  Next meeting will be on 11 November 2021 starting at 1700 (5PM) in order to work on the Advent Tree Ornaments.

13.  Prayer and reflection leader for our next meeting is Katie Thorman. 

14.  Meeting concluded with our Pastoral Plan prayer.