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Some more information on Another “New” song…

As I just posted some information on another “new” song the other day, here is more to this story….

In looking through the hymnal I found another song which uses the tune to “Sing of Mary” with another text. This hymn is called: “For the Faithful Who Have Answered.” This is yet another text which fits this tune. Now, even though we know the tune to Sing of Mary, this tune has a name. The Name of this hymn tune is PLEADING SAVIOR.

Anyhow, “For the Faithful Who Have Answered is to be used for All Saints. This text was written by the late Sylvia Dunstan 1955 – 1993. I am including a link below so you may listen to this one as well.


1. For the faithful who have answered
When they heard your call to serve,
For the many ways you led them
Testing will and stretching nerve,
For their work and for their witness
As they strove against the odds,
For their courage and obedience
We give thanks and praise, O God.

  1. Many eyes have glimpsed the promise.
    Many hearts have yearned to see.
    Many ears have heard you calling
    Us to greater liberty.
    Some have fallen in the struggle.
    Others still are fighting on.
    You are not ashamed to own us.
    We give thanks and praise, O God.
  2. For this cloud of faithful witness,
    For the common life we share,
    For the work of peace and justice,
    For the gospel that we bear,
    For the vision that our homeland
    Is your love–deep, high, and broad–
    For the diff’rent roads we travel
    We give thanks and praise, O God.

Text: Sylvia Dunstan, 1955-1993, © 1991, GIA Publications, Inc.

Also, the text to this hymn may also be sung with the BEACH SPRING hymn tune!!