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Stewardship Council Minutes, February 19, 2024

Stewardship Council Meeting

Tuesday, February 19, 2024, 4pm

Gay Ann Christy, Jay Bukalski, Linda Bukalski, Amy Fowler (updates via email), Brandy Hutzler, Vicki Irsik (updates via email), Jennifer Otto, Susan Ziegler

Opening Prayer

1. The Diocesan Stewardship Conference: April 13. At this time G. Christy, J. Bukalski, and L. Bukalski will be attending.

2. Next MeetingMarch 25 at 4:30, location TBD once Joan confirms.

3. Stewardship Partner Updates:

• All Stewardship Council Partners have engaged with their Commission Chairs. We will continue to work with the Commission Chairs to gain a better understanding of the ministries they represent and work with them as they have needs we can support. 

• Currently, commissions are reviewing the Time and Talent forms received during CSR. They are working to match active stewardship volunteers with opportunities to serve our parish and community. 

• We will continue to discuss opportunities to grow stewardship in our parish and align parishioners with commissions. Ideas to consider include: 

✓ an updated Welcome Center with all commissions represented

✓ updated commission pamphlets

✓ developing an activities board with opportunities for stewardship volunteers

✓ preparation for our next CSR in October

✓ a parish gathering

4. Thank You Note DiscussionOur council will send Thank You notes to the Trivia Night Team and the Social Concerns Commission for the amazing event this year.

5. Development of Our Council CharterThe Charter is complete for now. Council members are asked to review the Charter one more time. If no immediate changes are needed, the Charter will be approved at our next meeting in March. Updates to 4.4 Activity Selection and Schedule will be updated in the future as we work through the activities for 2024. Opportunities include:

• CSR in October

• A parish gathering

• Updates to our Welcome Center, Commission pamphlets, and an Activities Board

6. Development of Our Parish Website Stewardship Page and future communication from the councilStarting in mid-March, Amy Fowler and Brandy Hutzler will start working with Joan Wolf and Marilee Poulter on design of our Stewardship webpage and communications in our parish bulletin/Facebook page.

7. Additional Discussion Topics As RequiredNo additional topics discussed.

Closing Prayer