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Stewardship Council Minutes, March 25, 2024

Stewardship Council MeetingMondayMarch 25, 2024

Gay Ann Christy, Jay Bukalski, Linda Bukalski, Amy Fowler, Brandy Hutzler, Vicki Irsik, Jennifer Otto, Susan Ziegler


1. Reminder: Diocesan Stewardship Conference April 13.

• G. Christy, J. Bukalski, L. Bukalski, and B. Hutzler are scheduled to attend. 

• Please reach out to one of us if you would like to join us. 

• We will be gathering ideas related to Online CSR forms in 2024, Giving with QR codes, new ideas to drive increased participation, new ways to engage with our Hispanic community, ways to market Our Lady of the Lake and stewardship activities.

2. Stewardship Partner Updates:

• Pastoral Council: Gay Ann Christy, Stewardship Council: Jay Bukalski, Education: Linda Bukalski, Social Concerns: Susan Ziegler, Worship and Spirituality: Jennifer Otto, Hispanic Community: Vicki Irsik, Stewardship Communication: Brandy Hutzler

• Each Commission/Council Rep provided an update from their commission council. Key takeaways include:

o All commissions/councils are in the process of updating their charters. Our Stewardship Council Charter is complete and awaiting one signature for completion to submit.

o Commissions and councils are looking for additional opportunities to get parishioner involvement.

o Our council is looking for ideas to market the acts of stewardship our parish is involved with.

ACTION: Jay will be looking at local printing companies to determine the process and cost to replicate a Stewardship pamphlet like the one viewed at our previous meeting. We would like to be able to use this redesigned pamphlet as our primary handout for new parishioners and during our 2024 CSR. 

ACTION: Stewardship Partners are asked to work with their commission/council chair to discuss updating their parish informational pamphlet. Once needed updates are identified, they can be sent to Kelly for electronic updates and printing of new pamphlet.  We would like to have all updated pamphlets completed by June 15th.

ACTION: Stewardship Partners begin discussing our ideas regarding an updated Welcome Center with you commission/council chairs. Ask them for their ideas on what they would like to see or what they need in an updated Welcome Center. Our next Stewardship Council meeting will be dedicated to open discussions about the Welcome Center and development of our plan to update.

3. Thank You NotesNotes sent to Marilee Poulter (website), TNT Team (Trivia Night), and Social Concerns (Trivia Night and PHC Chili Cookoff). ACTION: Please email Gay Ann with any other Thank You notes that need to be sent.

4. Development of Our Parish Website Stewardship Page, Bulletin, and Facebook: Visit our council page on our Parish website and let Brandy and Amy know if you have ideas for future updates. Also, pass ideas for future communications in the bulletin or on Facebook to Brandy and Amy.

5. Additional Discussion Topics As Required

• Diocesan Youth Council: this is an amazing opportunity for youth at our parish. Linda and Jennifer will talk with Tony and Sara to see if there is anything our council can do to support or promote youth applications.

6. Set Next Meeting Date: April 22, 2024, at 4:30 pm

Closing Prayer