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Stewardship Council Minutes, Our Lady of the Lake Church, April 22, 2024

Stewardship Council MeetingMondayApril 22, 2024, 4:30 pm

Gay Ann Christy, Jay Bukalski, Linda Bukalski, Amy Fowler (absent)Brandy Hutzler (absent), Vicki Irsik (absent), Jennifer Otto, Susan Ziegler


1. Diocesan Stewardship Conference

• Review: Jay, Linda, Brandy, Gay Ann: A simple overview of the conference was discussed. The link to the Stewardship Conference materials has been distributed. Council members will review the materials at their convenience and the materials will be used as the council plans the OLL 2024 CSR. Link to material: April 13 Stewardship Conference Materials – Google Drive

• Rev. Msgr. Thomas McGread: Stewardship a Way of Life – highly recommended watch

• CSR Kick Off Meeting: July 23, St. Anthony’s, Camdenton, 6-8 pm:  Council members are requested to save this date and as many as possible attend this kick-off presented by the Diocese Stewardship Office.

• CSR Weekends: Below are the recommendation for October CSR

o October 5-6 Stewardship Awareness Sunday (Fr. Penn gives a stewardship homily, also a good opportunity to host a Ministry Fair)

o October 12-13: Lay Witness Talks (Members of the parish speak about their personal stewardship journey at all Masses)

o October 19-20: Stewardship Commitment Sunday (Parishioners complete and return CSR forms)

• Small Group Programs: There are 3 small group studies offered this year. The council will review these and determine which one will be used at OLL.

o Parishes as Communities of the Beatitudes (will be available soon) 

o 4 Pillars of Stewardship 

o Catholic Stewardship Renewal

2. Stewardship Partner Updates:

• Pastoral Council: Gay Ann Christy

• Stewardship Council: Jay Bukalski

• Education: Linda Bukalski

• Social Concerns: Susan Ziegler

• Worship and Spirituality: Jennifer Otto

• Hispanic Community: Vicki Irsik

• Stewardship Communication: Brandy Hutzler and Amy Fowler

3. Thank You NotesNotes sent to Welcome Weekend Mary Immaculate attendees and OLL Seed Team ladies. Notes were also distributed to Stacy Gier and Knights of Columbus. 

4. Development of Our Parish Website Stewardship Page, Bulletin, and Facebook: SC Charter posted on webpage. Pass ideas for future communications to Brandy and Amy.

5. Welcome Center and Updated Commission PamphletsStewardship Reps continue to work with their commission/council chair to create their updated pamphlets. Based on recommendation, chairs of each commission/council have been invited to our May meeting for open discussion and ideas.

6. Additional Discussion Topics As RequiredThe 4 Pillars – Commissions – Ministries matrix needs to be reviewed and updated prior to CSR and creation of our Stewardship pamphlet. This will also be a topic at our next meeting.

7. Set Next Meeting Date: Tuesday, May 21, at 4:30 pm in the fellowship area.

Closing Prayer