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What is missing in your life? What would a Welcome Weekend offer me?  Attending a Welcome Weekend might help you answer these questions.  I can’t give you your answers, but I can tell you what answers I found to these questions.

Before I attended, I felt like I needed something and that something kept nagging at me.  I was a new member to Our Lady of the Lake parish and not knowing many other parishioners yet.  There was this  buzz about an upcoming Welcome Weekend.  Not knowing for sure what was in store decided that thing nagging at me was telling me to sign up.  Yes, it was going to take time away from my family and usual weekend chores and be something maybe outside of my comfort zone but I took the chance anyway and signed up.

Wow!  What a great weekend.  Not only did I meet many other ladies from the parish that I probably will have a bond with the rest of my life, but it was time worth spent.  The time spent helped me to rejuvenate not only my well-being but also my faith.  I decided that nagging I felt was the Holy Spirit nudging me to take this step as it would be worthwhile time spent for my mind and my soul.  It helped me to step outside of my comfort zone and think about ways I could get involved at my parish and community.

Welcome Weekend helped me to become a bolder Catholic and a better version of myself.  I invite you to step outside of your comfort zone and take the time to rejuvenate yourself by signing up and attending the upcoming Welcome Weekend.  I highly recommend it!!

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To sign up, contact Kelly at the Parish Office 573-365-2241 x 5 or Louise Williams at 573-280-9385.