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Support for Ukraine

Donate online at

or write a check to our parish indicating for the Ukraine.

All funds will be sent to the US Bishops’ program for the church in Central and Eastern Europe. This fund is now focused on Ukraine.

Your participation in this relief effort strengthens our ability to be a strong center of charity and sanctuary for mercy. Thank you for your witness.

An unjust war is never a solution to disagreement among nations.  The callous disregard for the sanctity of human life and the necessity of a just society scars the human family and wounds the souls of those who perpetuate violence.

Let us join all people of good will in praying for a softening of the hearts of those who are inflicting so much suffering upon the citizens of Ukraine. We also pray for those in leadership, that they may have the wisdom to know how to build peace and the fortitude to persevere in their efforts.  

Bishop W. Shawn Mckinght