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I have a question about Christmas trees. Can you explain when, where and how they started?

The early Christians during the middle ages in Germany celebrated  December 24 as the feast of Adam and Eve.  One of the customs at the time included a fir “paradise” tree decorated with apples which stood for the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil with its forbidden fruit. This was the tree that lead to original sin. As years passed, wafers were added with the apples to symbolize the Eucharist which brings life.

In time, more decorations were used and the representation of our Fall and Redemption disappeared.  Oranges and lights were added and then brightly colored balls.  Wafers turned into cookies shaped as angels, stars, animals and flowers. 

New symbolism developed. The Evergreen became a sign of hope for everlasting life, the lights signified Christ with us in times of spiritual darkness and the decorations stood for the fruits of Paradise. 

Thanks for asking a great question. I’ll be sharing more answers in the future. Anyone with a question about our faith, please call me at 573-378-9220. 

Have a joyful and blessed Christmas,
Deacon Paul Poulter