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Whispers of Blessings

Have you heard God calling you?  I did.  It happened one day in church when I heard about the Welcome Weekend.  It was so quiet that I decided to ignore it.  However, that whisper became louder and more insistent.  Each week, I heard God calling me to the retreat weekend.  I finally got the message and decided to attend.  

As it turns out, Welcome was just what I needed. I was able to take part in fabulous fellowship, be inspired by the words of the women in our parish, and quiet my soul.  Since taking part in Welcome, I now feel at home in our parish, and my faith journey has grown richer. 

The Holy Spirit led the way through a whisper.  I pray that you answer the call to attend the Welcome Weekend, and experience the blessings that await you.

Peace and blessings,
Louise Williams

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