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January 25, 2024, Worship Commission Minutes

Worship Commission Minutes January 25, 2024

Call to Order:

Karri Brauman called the meeting to order at 4:00pm with Carolyn Loraine, Kathy Cotter, and Lorraine Harrison in attendance.

Opening Prayer: Prayed the Lord’s Prayer. Carolyn Loraine provided hospitality.

Worship Commission Leadership: Karri Brauman

The Stewardship Packets are being rolled out. The packets contain a comprehensive list of ministries at our parish. The members of the Stewardship Commission will work in support of the other commissions guiding parishioners on how to best use their time and talents. 

A review of the packets prompted a discussion of areas of need in our parish community that are lacking. One such area is bereavement outreach and support. Lorraine Harrison shared her experience and insight after the loss of her husband. Members were then encouraged to brainstorm ideas on how we can assist OLL parish in this ministry. They were instructed to bring back their goals and objectives concerning support.

Discussion then turned to how the addition of the Pastoral Council and the Stewardship Commission have affected the structure of the Worship Commission. Time was spent discerning the roles of the ministry coordinators and it was decided that guidance from Father Penn was needed. Karri will bring this up at the next Pastoral Council meeting.

Calendar Review:  

Women’s Ministry Deanery Meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 30 in the Fellowship Hall. Barbara Prasad will be speaking.

The Feast of the Presentation of the Lord will be celebrated at Daily Mass on Friday, February 2. Parishioners have been encouraged to bring candles to Mass and participate in the procession.

The Communal Anointing of the Sick will occur at 10:00 Mass on Sunday, February 11.

Ash Wednesday Masses will be at 8 am and 5:30 pm with a Liturgy of the Word service at 12:05 pm.

Father Penn has agreed to present an Historical Passion Presentation on Monday’s during lent in 2025.

Ministry of Art and Environment – Kathy Cotter

• Installation of the Stations of the Cross in the Chapel is complete. A blessing over them will be scheduled for a later date.

• Installation of the new sink and backsplash in the sacristy is complete. Painting the walls of the sacristy will be next.

• The Fellowship Hall Bulletin Wall was created to support those who have made commitments in the consecrated Life. This is in honor of World Day for Consecrated Life being celebrated in the Church on Friday, February 2, 2024.

• Ash Wednesday : There is a collection basket for last year’s palms in the Fellowship Hall. Violet drapes will be hung and the Cross display for the corner of the sanctuary will be created.

Ministry of Hospitality – Lorraine Harrison

• It was suggested that the Usher/Greeters may need training in emergency procedures such as CPR, use of the AED, and what to do in case of a medical emergency or shooting incident. Karri said she will bring this idea to Father at the Parish Council meeting.

Ministry of Lector – Carolyn Loraine

Ministry of Music &  Song – Vacant

• A Lenten Concert has been scheduled for March 3. Kathleen and Christian Basi will perform.

Ministry of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion – Vacant

• The training meeting for Eucharistic Ministers was held January 23. Commissioning will be set for a later date once the list of candidates has been sent to the bishop. 

Sacristan and Ministry of Mass Coordinator – Vacant

Order of Christian Initiation – Deacon Paul

Prayer and Devotion – Debbie Noland

Altar Servers – Vacant

• Fr Penn and Michele Haggerty have been spent the last two Wednesday’s training the 4th, 5th, and 6th graders to altar serve.

Parish Digital Communications – Karri Brauman

• The ad will remain in the bulletin regarding the need for new streamers.

Next Meeting – February 29, 2024

Closing – Hail Mary

Meeting notes respectfully submitted by Karri Brauman