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Worship Commission Minutes, Our Lady of the Lake Church, April 23, 2024

Worship Commission Minutes April 23, 2024

Call to Order:
Karri Brauman called the meeting to order at 4:00pm with Stacy Gier, Kathy Cotter and Lorraine Harrison in attendance.
Opening Prayer: Prayed the Commitment to Mission Prayer.
Worship Commission Leadership: Karri Brauman
Karri opened the meeting with the Calendar Review. First Communion will be held at the 10am Mass on Sun., April 28. Kathy will reach out to Joan Wolf to see if she needs reserve signs and banner holders. Discussion then turned to the Charter Review. After reading through the charter, it was decided that our mission, structure, and procedures will remain the same. The greatest changes will occur in ministrycoordination.
Due to the addition of the Parish Council, the Stewardship Council, and the restructuring requests from Father Penn, the made the following changes:

  • Ministry of Liturgical Support (coordinator will aid Father in the training of the following positions and offer support to those volunteers)
    o Usher/Greeters
    o Readers
  • Ministry of Music and Song – Stacy Gier
  • Ministry of Holy Communion – (coordinator will aid Father in the training of the following positions and offer support to those volunteers)
    o Mass Coordinator
    o Sacristan
    o Eucharistic Ministers
  • Altar Servers – will remain with Worship per DRE’s request
  • Art and Environment
  • Prayer and Devotions
  • Parish Digital Communications
  • Liturgical Formation of the Assembly
    The OCI (formerly RCIA) coordinator will only need to participate in the Education Commission and no longer need to attend the Worship Commission meetings.
    Although it has been on the agenda since 2021-2022, Parish Digital Communications will be officially added to the charter.
    All of these recommendations have been submitted to Linda Adams, Pastoral Council chair and Joan for review. Once reviewed and changes made, the charter will be submitted to the Parish Council and Fr. Penn for final approval and signing.
    The Worship Commission budget was then reviewed.A proposal was made for an increase in the Sanctuary budget due to rising costs and replacement and repair of sanctuary supplies. Stacy recommended a slight increase in the Assistant Musicians budget and a slight decrease in the Choir/Music and Spanish Ministry budgets. All changes were agreed upon. It will be sent to the bookkeeper, Kelly Hamrin for review and then submitted to Finance Commission.
    Ministry of Art and Environment – Kathy Cotter
  • The Easter lilies were removed from the sanctuary and placed on a table in the Fellowship Hall for parishioners to take. New plants were brought in to refresh the display.
  • The floral crown will be brought out for May Crowning on May 1 for the Wednesday evening Mass.
  • Easter sanctuary décor will be removed and Pentecost drapes and florals will be placed week prior to Pentecost.
  • Kathy informed the group that she will be stepping down at the end of August so we need to start advertising for a new Art and Environment coordinator.
    Ministry of Hospitality – Lorraine Harrison
  • Joan will let us know when Fr. Penn schedules the next usher/greeter training.
    Ministry of Lector – Carolyn Loraine
  • Joan will let us know when Fr. Penn schedules the next lector training
    Ministry of Music &  Song – Stacy Gier
  • Stacy made a request to Finance to purchase paperback missals for the church. Our current Gather Books are already outdated and have hymns from a banned composer. Finance approved the purchase of 832 new missals. In addition, next year’s budget was adjusted for this increase.
    Ministry of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion – Vacant
    Sacristan and Ministry of Mass Coordinator – Vacant
    Order of Christian Initiation – Deacon Paul
    Prayer and Devotion – Debbie Noland
  • The 7 yr anniversary of PPI will be on April 23. Karri will talk to Joan about scheduling a blessing for the group after Thursday Mass on May 16th with breakfast after.
  • PPI will begin praying the Mary, Undoer of Knots Novena.
  • A sign-up sheet will be posted outside the chapel on Fridays to encourage more people to commit to an hour of adoration.
    Altar Servers – Vacant
  • Two more altar servers were added to the schedule.
    Parish Digital Communications – Karri Brauman
  • Numbers will be analyzed to see if it is worth streaming Holy Week
    Grief Support
  • Lorraine attended the Grief Support group at Lake Regional and brought back a good deal of information on how to proceed. It was suggested that we work in conjunction with the Grief Support group at St. Anthony’s in Camdenton. We will consult with Deacon Jim about possibly moving this group to Social Concerns.
    Next Meeting – May 27, 2024
    Closing – Prayer for our Pastoral Plan.
    Meeting notes respectfully submitted by Karri Brauman